Balancing Two Time Zones at Once

This past year has brought immense change in all of our lives. We’ve all had to get used to a new normal that has taken us by surprise. For international students like me, this means having to live thousands of...

/ September 13, 2021
Emily Gampel with boxes of clothing

Giving back to help the community

I have always found a sense of peace and satisfaction in helping others. I believe that much of my commitment to my community and this country stems from my grandparents. I am the grandchild of a Holocaust survivor on my...

/ July 8, 2021
Milad holding up two certificates

Milad Moghaddas’ journey from the Ted Rogers School to Columbia University

Ted Rogers School of Management Entrepreneurship & Strategy student Milad Moghaddas will be graduating soon and heading off to Columbia University in New York to pursue his  Master of Science in Strategic Communication degree in the Fall. His path to...

/ June 2, 2021
Person highlighting business contract

Students gain valuable experience at Law & Business Clinic

The Law & Business Clinic at the Ted Rogers School of Management provides free legal services in a variety of business law matters to entrepreneurs and small businesses that cannot afford to retain a lawyer. It also offers third and fourth...

/ May 28, 2021
Group of students with hands together in the air

How to Incorporate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion into your Daily Life

This article was written by Peer Academic Coach Michelle Ajobena (she/her, fourth-year Global Management Co-op student), and Academic Peer Helpers Eric Rajaratnam (he/him, second-year Economics & Management Sciences major), Anuj Agarwal (he/him, fifth-year Entrepreneurship student, with a minor in Marketing)...

/ May 3, 2021

Final Thought for the “Teach Yourself How to Learn” Weekly Series

This Blog Post is by Monie Chan (she/her), a fifth-year Business Technology Management co-op student pursuing a minor in eBusiness and Peer Academic Coach at the Ted Rogers School of Management’s Academic Success Centre (ASC), and Nina Sulkin (they/them), a...

/ April 28, 2021
Student at a desk with laptop

How to Maintain Academic Integrity in the Online Environment

The topic of Academic Integrity and Misconduct comes up in class every time there is an upcoming assignment or a test. We usually don’t intend to cheat, but when there is an opportunity, sometimes it is hard to resist. Here...

/ April 22, 2021
All-Female broadcast panel on Zoom

Raptors female broadcast team take part in Women in Sport Business Leadership Panel

In this Blog Post, Ellie Beadle (3rd-year Marketing Management student) and Maddy Harris (4th-year RTA Sport Media student) write about attending a virtual Women in Sport Business Leadership panel discussion ahead of the first all-female NBA broadcast. “To all the...

/ April 21, 2021
Student throwing up papers outside of school

Exams: Time Management, Preparation & Stress Reduction

This week’s post is written by Maria Beauts (she/her; 5th year Business Technology Management student) and Anisa Sayani (she/her; 3rd year Business Management student majoring in Marketing Management), both of whom are returning Peer Academic Coaches at the Ted Rogers...

/ April 13, 2021
Student writing in notebook in front of laptop

Boosting your motivation, positive emotions and learning

This week, we explore Chapter 8 of Teach Yourself How to Learn by Dr. Saundra Yancy McGuire and Stephanie McGuire: What can you do to boost your motivation, positive emotions and learning? Learning doesn’t have to be boring or stressful....

/ March 31, 2021