Ryerson University is home to over 70 student groups, 30 of which are part of Ted Rogers School of Management, from strictly business-oriented, and through lifestyle focused to numerous social groups. You name it; we have it! Some of the student groups offered are Deca Ryerson, Ryerson Sports and Business Association (RSBA) and Real Estate Ryerson (RER). However, when it comes down to creating your resume or sitting down for an interview you want to ensure your extracurricular activities make a lasting impression!

Well, I’m here to tell you that we have a program that offers you more than just an activity to list on your resume. What if every event you participated in within that program came back to benefit you in the long run? What if your potential employer already recognized you based on your extracurricular and he/she did not even have to ask about it?

I know you may think this is impossible. If I were in your place I would probably be thinking, “this blogger is wasting my time”. The only difference is that I already know about Ted Rogers School of Management’s Top200 program, as I am a current member, and I think you might be interested in joining as well.


Recently, The Globe and Mail published an article on “How Ryerson gives commerce students a head start on careers” to tell the story of two hundred bright minds. In a business world where having good marks isn’t the only thing that matters, it is Top200 that helps you get career ready before you even manage to throw your graduation cap in the air. In Top200, students learn from each other and receive coaching by professors and well-known industry professionals about self-awareness, networking, potential career paths and communication skills. Personally, being a recent immigrant one of my biggest challenges was developing networking skills and escaping rank-related intimidation, but thanks to Top200 I have been able to conquer this challenge. You can now see me having a coffee with my mentor who is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur! Along side my mentor there are 71 other industry professionals with years of experience, connections and diverse knowledge who volunteered their time to be our mentors this year. They all have one simple goal – to give back to society through coaching and training future business leaders.


During your time as a member of Top200, you also have the opportunity to participate in numerous workshops, seminars, and engagement opportunities with industry professionals that include one-on-one coaching. Top200 actively seeks IRadeva4community-engaged commerce undergraduate students with strong academic standing. As well as individuals who are willing to dedicate two years of their university experience to master their leadership skills and excel on both a professional and personal level. If you believe you have what it takes to join the Top200 program please visit: http://www.ryerson.ca/businesscareers/recruit/sponsorship/ or email Andre Serero at andre.serero@ryerson.ca.

A big THANK YOU also goes out to our program manager and personal mentor of Top200- Mr. Andre Serero.


Posted by Irena Radeva

Irena is a graduating award-winning retail management student with over 10 years of experience in culturally diverse retail environments. She is an outcome focused, discipline driven person, who is very passionate about Supply Chain and Corporate Social Responsibility. Believing that traveling is the best teacher, Irena has set her eyes on making her way to every single corner of the world as part of her personal and professional development.

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