Accounting Degree Is The Goal for President’s National Scholarship Winner

Patrick Vipond took his high school grade point average (GPA) of 96.6 and knocked on the door of the School of Accounting and Finance at Ryerson University. Not only did the school admit him; it awarded him the President’s National Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to no more than one student in each faculty who has a 90 per cent or higher entering average, practices leadership in the community and exhibits creative ability. It has provided Vipond with $10,000 toward his first year at the School of Accounting and Finance at Ryerson University, and it is renewable for four years if he takes an 80 per cent course load and maintains a 3.67 grade point average.

“Basically, this has paid for me to go to school, so there’s a lot of incentive for me to do well,” said Vipond, 19, who is from Huntsville, Ont. “It will keep me motivated.”

With his stellar GPA, Vipond could have set his sights on any university in Canada, but he wanted to continue the family tradition of attending Ryerson. When he discovered that the School of Accounting and Finance had opened its doors in 2013, Vipond knew he’d found the perfect fit for his career plans.

“I knew I wanted SAF,” Vipond said. “Until it opened, I was planning on majoring in business management and then studying accounting later, but this is exactly what I want to do. It’s perfect for me.”


Professor Daria Sydor, chair of the accounting program, said the accounting program has built a sterling reputation since its inception in 1948 and the school’s proximity to Bay Street, Canada’s financial centre, has led to close connections with the financial industry.

“We work closely with Bay Street firms and other industry professionals to ensure that our curriculum meets the needs of the marketplace,” Sydor said. “As a result, top corporations from many sectors are eager to recruit our graduates, knowing that they are well prepared to contribute from Day One.”

Vipond is excited about the opportunities the school has to offer, from its location close to Bay Street, to the opportunities the Career Centre offers for making connections with industry personnel. Vipond says he is enjoying the challenge of university courses and plans to explore the newly inaugurated co-op program to see if it suits his needs.

“Now that I’m nearly halfway through the semester, it’s very obvious that all of my courses are connected with each other, and a lot of the content directly relates to other subjects,” Vipond said. “I’m really enjoying the accounting portion, and it’s very apparent why the School of Accounting and Finance has a reputation for being a competitive institution. Ultimately, there’s no program I’d rather be in.”

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