With November just around the corner, most students experience the stress beginning to settle in. What do you mean there’s only a month left of classes?! There’s so much left to do! However, a great perk about the Retail Management program at Ted Rogers is Retail Week! A week of exciting case competitions, speakers, events and great chance to network and meet those working in the retail industry!! The Retail program recently released their itinerary for this year’s Retail Week happening November 10-14. Take a break from those books and head to Retail Week to experience a new kind of learning! While your at it check out my personal tips for Retail Week below!


Dress the part.

While Ryerson students just naturally have an excellent sense of style, at this point in the year there are other priorities. That being said if you’re going to put the effort in just one more time this semester, this would be the week. Retail Week brings many retail professionals. You never know what situations you will be put in during these events nor do you know who you might end up talking to. Nothing worse than having the opportunity to speak to someone you may admire or is in a position you’re striving for, but you’re wearing something you’d hope they forget. How you present yourself is what they’re going to remember. You want that to be your best self. Pick out your outfit the night before, wake up a few minutes earlier, and be sure to wear something you’re comfortable in.

Take advantage of what you can.

Retail Week runs the full week. Luckily being in the retail program, a lot of the events are scheduled around our classes. While it may not be possible to attend every event, definitely take advantage of going to as many as you can. By doing so, it opens you up to opportunities to meet new people—those in the industry and other students—as well as introducing you to areas of retail and companies you may not be as familiar with. There is something for everyone!



I know what you’re thinking: it’s scary and awkward and potentially embarrassing. Speaking from who’s extremely shy and introverted, I understand the struggle. That being said, as a Retail student who is about to finish her degree, it’s one of my biggest regrets. I believe everything happens for a reason, but if I could change one thing about my experience at Ryerson, it would be to take advantage of any networking opportunity. It’s a very competitive market out there, and you need to take advantage of any opportunity. Remember: making that effort will put you one step ahead of those who don’t. Employers remember that. It may seem like you’re bothering them, but they purposely attend these kinds of events to speak directly to the future generations.

Being part of the Ryerson family brings a lot of unique and rewarding opportunities, Retail Week is just one of them. November 10-14. Mark it in your calendar. You will not regret it. Be sure to RSVP to this year’s Michael Belcourt Lecture Series before tickets run out. What a better way to spend a Wednesday evening than talking about our favourite coffee shop, Starbucks!

Posted by Taylor Murley

Taylor is in her final semester studying Retail Management with interests in operations and organizational leadership. A crossword puzzle junkie with a love for fashion, she much prefers to spend her nights in, watching marathons of Criminal Minds and Law & Order. With several trips planned, graduating, and possible exciting job opportunities, Taylor is thrilled to see what the next few months will bring her!

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