Why Retail Management Was The Right Decision

Quite honestly, the factors I used to determine which university program I’d attend were pretty flawed. I didn’t take much consideration into the possible job opportunities, the curriculum or what each school offered. I have many peers who after first year switched programs or after completing their bachelor degrees went on to enrol in another program in hopes of finding something better suited for them. It’s incredible that I didn’t land in this group. However, I choose Ted Rogers School of Retail Management at Ryerson University on a whim and I’m completely happy with my decision. Here’s why:

The foundation

This program not only offers a very unique curriculum, but also has allowed me to take full ownership over my soft skill development and academic direction. This is important because it means I’m getting what I want out of my degree. One thing I love about Ryerson University is that they allow their students the opportunity to discover what their talented at and provides them with the resources to enhance. For example, during my program I have also been able to take elective courses, which allows me to explore my interests within the retail industry realm. This has allowed me to customize my courses, enhance my skills and differentiate myself from my fellow classmates.

Exciting and Dynamic Career Opportunities

As students in this program we often get asked, “So you’re going to university to be a Store Manager?” No, although if I was that’d be cool too. Could I manage a Wal-Mart at age 22 and be making close to $100,000 a year? Maybe! This program has given me the academic foundation to excel at a breadth of roles in the retail industry from human resources to supply chain management. It was through my internship as a Merchandise Planning Operations analyst, working with in-store staff that I realized in-store management positions are one of the most dynamic, challenging roles in the industry, definitely not for the light-hearted. Overall, the retail management program will allow me the opportunity to explore and be an eligible candidate to numerous exciting career paths.

Hands-on Learning and Engagement

Last but not least, I’m completely happy with my decision, as it has allowed me to ability to learn outside of the lecture hall through engagement within the retail industry. Retail is a global industry by nature. Across the value chain, each bit comes together to create the store experience. Retail can be a fascinating glimpse into the social, political and economic landscape of a country. In my second year I had the opportunity to explore the retail industry on a global scale as I traveled to China with twelve classmates and Dr. Hong Yu, a professor and program director at the School of Retail Management. The experience was priceless, as it allowed us to gain insight on the challenges in the retail industry globally. We were also able to see that not only is the Canadian retail industry going

Through an incredible transformation, but it’s happening all over the world. Therefore, by allowing us the opportunity to experience the retail industry first hand, we will be more equipped and prepared to enter the real world upon graduation.

And there we have it; three reasons why I’m completely happy with my decision to pursue the Retail Management Undergraduate program. I also encourage those of you who also have a passion for the retail industry to look at the Ted Rogers School of Retail Management programs. I promise, that you won’t be disappointed!