Nervous, scared and excited… these were only a few of the things I felt as I began my journey from college to university. However, ever since I was in high school I knew that I wanted to complete both an advanced diploma and my undergraduate degree. I had a plan and I was sticking to it! So, why was I so nervous?


Well, when I recently graduated from Seneca College’s Business Admin- Marketing program I anticipated applying for university. I talked to everyone from friends who transferred to university previously to current professors to determine which university was best for me. After bothering my friends about their experiences and numerous Google searches, I came to the decision to go to Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University to complete my Bachelors of Commerce in Business Management with a major in marketing. I applied as a direct entry student and I got in! For those of you who don’t know, the direct entry program allows students who have previously graduated from a three-year business program at a college to transfer their diploma. This allows them entry into their third year of study and have the ability to obtain their undergraduate degree faster!


I was getting excited, I could picture myself grabbing my daily latte, going to my lectures, making new friends and being oh so studious! But just as the excitement built up the nerves set in! Right there as I was daydreaming –it hit me! What if no one wanted to talk to the new girl? What if I was just a number in a lecture hall? What if my GPA drops? What about those dreadful multiple-choice exams everyone talks about? BREATHE ALYSIA- BREATHE! That’s exactly what I told myself and that’s what I want to tell all of you who are feeling the same way –just breathe, everything’s going to be okay… trust me!


As I recently completed my first semester at TRSM, I can tell you all those nerves will go away within your first few days. During my first week, I realized many other students were in the same boat as me as they were coming from different colleges. This made it so much easier to make friends with people and the other students were just as nice! So don’t worry about being the new guy/girl- you will fit in just right! There are also numerous student groups, activities and even on-campus jobs to allow you to get more involved. Also, as I walked into the giant lecture hall- I looked up and realized it wasn’t so “giant”. Most of my classes at Ted Rogers School of Management fit 50 to 200 students, which allows you to participate during lectures and for your voice to be heard. I know as direct entry students, we worry about the change in workload and if we will be able to handle the course work. My tip for you is to work just as hard as you did to get here, read the textbook, participate in lectures, ask questions and you will be just fine! Personally, I found that having already completed a college diploma allowed me an advantage as I could apply what I previously learned and some of the concepts being taught I already knew! Oh yeah, let’s not forget about those multiple-choice exams everyone talks about. If you are like me and not the biggest fan- don’t worry they aren’t as bad as you think! If you attend all the lectures and study- you will do great!

Overall, I highly recommend anyone who has completed a college diploma to look into continuing his or her education through Ted Rogers School of Management direct entry program. For those of you who have already decided, I look forward to seeing you on campus- and remember just breathe! You’re going to have a great experience as The Ted Rogers School of Management allows for an easy transition. For more information about the direct-entry program visit Ted Rogers School of Management Direct Entry page.

I would also love to hear about your experiences as current or future direct-entry students! Share your story with me by leaving a comment below

Posted by Alysia Harji

Alysia Harji is a current direct-entry Marketing Management major. She has a love for brand management, finance, traveling and fashion. When she is not balancing motherhood, work and being a student, you can see her sipping a chai tea latte, blogging or watching marathons of Suits and Pretty Little Liars in her fuzzy slippers.

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