Can you believe it? Next week is reading week! I  can’t believe it … it feels like just yesterday was the start of the term. Part of me is super excited as I can’t wait to have a week off from school to kick my feet up, while enjoying my time with family and friends! The other part of me knows that just around the corner is the chaos of midterms, projects, and finals! Most students see reading week as a time to relax, go on vacation, and take a break from studying. However, wasting your reading week by not being productive could turn out to be a mistake! For most students, when they return they have to hand in that huge report or write a midterm. Therefore, making it even just a little bit productive can go a long way. Here are some tips for doing just that.


Tip #1: Just keep planning, planning, planning…

 My number one tip is to have a plan for your reading week! Set out what assignments or exams you need to study for and when you want to complete them by. Having a plan and goals will make it easier to stay on task. It will also help ensure that you are meeting all your deadlines!


Tip #2: Find Your Study Zone

 Most of us usually head home for the reading week, which is great as you get to be around your family, take a break from that Kraft dinner, and make some memories. However, being at home can be very distracting and you may find it hard to stay on track with your work. My advice is to find a space that you can get focused and will get your work done! It may not be all about the place either- you must determine what time of the day you are most productive. Personally, during the day I’m pretty busy, which means that the evening is when I’m most productive and I also like to study in my bedroom and when I’m super comfy! But eh- this doesn’t work for everyone… so make sure to find out what works best for you!


Tip #3: Take a break!

My next tip is to take a break! Don’t try to overwork yourself! Personally, I know when your working on assignments and studying for all your classes it’s easy to get overwhelmed or think you won’t be able to finish it all. This makes all nighters or working non-stop very tempting. However, this is not effective and you must take a break! So, make sure you give yourself break while your study whether it’s to go grab a bite to eat, watch your favourite tv show, or play a video game! Be sure to set a time limit and once that time is up make sure you get back to the books!


Tip #4: Disconnect

This tip is probably the most effective! Turn off your phone or log off all your social media platforms while you’re studying! There is nothing more tempting when you’re studying then scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram Feed or getting a text from your friend to go out!

Tip #5: Have fun

My last tip is probably the best one! Dare I say it—have fun on your reading week! Take a day for yourself and just have a good time! If you do this you will feel more refreshed when you come back after reading week and probably way more productive than if you were studying like crazy. Everybody deserves a break! So enjoy a day with your family and friends! Personally, I recommend taking your day at the end of reading week so that you are more motivated to get your work done prior to going out. This way you will be able to fully enjoy your day and won’t be worrying about not finishing something.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my tips on how to be productive during reading week! So, I hope you all have a wonderful reading week that is both productive and fun… and most importantly be safe! If you have any tips to share with your fellow students or me be sure to leave a comment below! For more information about important dates and student resources please visit the Ted Rogers School of Management webpage.

Posted by Alysia Harji

Alysia Harji is a current direct-entry Marketing Management major. She has a love for brand management, finance, traveling and fashion. When she is not balancing motherhood, work and being a student, you can see her sipping a chai tea latte, blogging or watching marathons of Suits and Pretty Little Liars in her fuzzy slippers.


  1. Great article! Would love to see some of our super stars share their tips too! Ravi, Karem, Parth…


    1. Thank you, Katherine! That’s a great idea!


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