Meet Your Career Consultant: Sneha Deokie!

As a 4th year student at Ted Rogers School of Management, I’m so close to completing my degree and moving on into the “real” world. With that being said, I’ve always been that full time student that juggled a few part time jobs. Personally, I think work experience is just as important as one’s studies, and together it creates the perfect combination. It’s like the jelly to your peanut butter. With that being said, my advice to all students within TRSM is to take advantage of our Careers and Employer Partnerships Centre. It’s truly there to help students and to prepare them to enter the business world. They will give you exactly what you need to stand out against others!

I can remember meeting my career consultant in my 2nd year. From personal experience, getting to know my career consultant has not only opened my eyes to numerous opportunities, but has given me the confidence to go to job interviews. As my Retail Management Career Consultant gave me the guidance and tips I needed to do well.   Although I can go on for hours about my experience and why I appreciate the Career Consultants, I thought it would be interesting to do a spotlight interview on one. I believe this is a perfect way for future and current students to get to know them and hear some personal tips.

So, let’s meet Sneha Deokie, the Retail Management Career Consultant!


Ashley: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Sneha: I’m a proud Ryerson Alumna – I graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Global Management & Marketing. I came to Canada in 2006 from the Middle East; I was born and bred in Dubai. At a young age of 17, I travelled about 10, 967 km to study and launch my career (don’t ask me what I was thinking!). We were all trained to go abroad and I had secretly applied to Ryerson (my parents wanted me in the States) – I got in, and then the rest is history…not really, I met my now Fiancé and will be getting married in 6 months – eek! He’s also TRSM breed. During my entire school year at Ryerson, I worked as a work-study student at the main campus Ryerson Career Centre; I trained through various roles, and found myself in the world of HR. My first job out of TRSM was at a HR Consulting company where I managed various training for middle management at various companies. The opportunity to come back to TRSM come about a year later in 2012, and I couldn’t say no – I’ve been at the Careers & Employer Partnerships center since and wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Ashley: Did you have a mentor or someone who helped guide you during your post-secondary studies?

Sneha: I did and she’s my Mentor even today! I was connected to her through the Tri-Mentoring Career Mentoring program. She is a Ryerson Alumna as well, but from a very different industry. At first, I didn’t know if this pairing made sense – but it didn’t need to be. The one thing she said to me that resonated with me was: “You may not be where you want to be, but you are where you need to be – and in time, you’ll get where you want & need to be. Patience.”

Ashley: What’s one of your fondest memories you have with a student while working in the Career Centre?

Sneha: Funnily enough it happened the other day! A student came to see me the first week we were back to school. The student wanted to find a part-time position to start building their career. I worked with the student for about 2-3 weeks, perfecting the resume and cover letter. I was hosting an information session the other day, and I see the student walking towards me – I`m thinking the student is here to attend the information session so I started scrambling away trying to find their name on the registration sheet. The student stopped me and said, “I came by to let you know I got my first job!” I felt like my heart just burst open and threw out confetti! It’s moments like these where I find my job so worthwhile and where every hardworking day counts.

Ashley: Do you have any tips for students that are graduating soon and on the hunt for jobs?

Sneha: If you haven’t seen me, come see me ASAP! Companies have two hiring periods: 1) Sept. – early Nov., and 2) Jan. – early March. However, despite those cycles, an employer may need to hire at any time and the key is to be prepared. At the Careers & Employer Partnerships centre we really emphasize tools and resources to assist with your job search, and in addition, we constantly make industry connections to bring them on campus. And when you get to know us, it’s so easy for to advocate and put you in front of employers and opportunities that come our way!

Ashley: Personally, do you think students who take advantage of the Career Centre early in their university lives are at an advantage?

Sneha: They are so much more prepared and polished – but job-hunting for anyone is somewhat stressful; but when you know you’re on the right path and are seeing results, confidence pops in! That’s what helps significantly when you’re fighting millions of emotions to get you that first job out of school.

And, there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed getting to know and hear from Sneha. Next time, your on the second floor- I encourage all of you to stop by the Career and Employers Partnership Centre to meet her personally or any of the other Career Consultants. You won’t regret it! For more information, feel free to check out the Career and Employers Partnership Centre page.