What is Magnet?

The Ted Rogers School of Management is one of Canada’s largest business schools operating with more than 9,000 full- and part-time undergraduate students and approximately 200 MBA candidates. TRSM has built their reputable name through their commitment to providing programs that are in-demand and relevant for the industry. We are also known for our experiential and entrepreneurial management education specializing in technology management, retail management, hospitality and tourism, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance ….just to name a few.

The faculty and classes provides a unique, practical education approach through the combination of industry and academic experience. This experience will differentiate TRSM students from other candidates in the  industry. Within Ryerson, many initiatives and programs are put into place to ensure students become successful and make use of their skills upon graduation and entering the real word.

The Ted Rogers School of Management Career and Employment Partnership provide resources, programs and organize many events to allow students to make connections with the industry. An example of one of their programs is Magnet, also known as WhoPlusYou. The Magnet network is a movement with one goal: to ensure that individuals within the network are matched to the right opportunities and that organizations connect with the right individuals.


Magnet simplifies the job seeking and recruiting process. Individuals simply create a profile and are connected with relevant job opportunities and organizations. Magnet is supported by the Ontario Chambers of Commerce, which is a network of collaborators and members actively working together in the industry. Networking has become vital within the industry, which can overall become very time consuming. The Magnet program eliminates this through directly connecting students with actively searching organizations for possible future employment and connections.

You are even able to uniquely market yourself through Magnet. Magnet has a full multimedia capability therefore you are able to differentiate your profile through adding images, audio, video, presentation, and other documentation. This will overall highlight your unique talents and capabilities. For more information about Magnet  and to join click here!