10 Tips To Help You Survive Group Projects

Many of the students here at Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management can probably agree with me when I say “university students have a love-hate relationship with group projects”. Group projects are assigned to help you improve your ability to lead and work as part of a team. This is crucial for those of us here at TRSM as we are going into the business world where this is crucial! But, I’m sure anyone who has ever worked in a team atmosphere knows completing a group project can be difficult! Every group member has different ideas, personalities, and schedules. There is also usually that one-person who doesn’t want to commit to doing the work. However, there are positive aspects of group projects such as getting it done faster, getting different ideas/opinions, and having a lighter workload. Personally, I believe that group projects are great at preparing us for the real world… because how likely are you to have to do everything on your own when you get a job? With that being said, I thought I would compile my tips on how to be successful with group projects and hopefully it will help you guys out with all of those end-of-term projects!

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My Tips!

  1. If you have the opportunity to choose members for your group, choose carefully and consider everyone’s skills! Remember, sometimes your friends aren’t the best choice!
  2. Hold a group meeting to go over the project to understand what needs to be done and what you guys want to accomplish- get everyone on the same page!
  3. Make a Google doc or Facebook Group where everyone can post and communicate!
  4. Don’t split the project up into little sections and throw it all together at the end! This is a big mistake many groups make because they think it’s easier. However, it usually ends up looking like a hot mess! Instead, if you must divide the project get everyone to look over each others parts to add missing information and to make sure it all flows together! Have a final edit as group!
  5. Try to meet up regularly at a time that is convenient for everyone in the group. My personal fav is using Doodle.com to find a time that works!
  6. Stay on top of deadlines throughout the project so that the final deadline doesn’t create a lot of stress for the group. A stressed group = an unhappy group with lots of room for disagreements!
  7. If your group loses focus or can’t figure out how to complete a part of the project set up an appointment with your professor! Your prof is there to help you understand the project better and guide you… so take advantage of it! Why try to do something you don’t understand when you could ask for clarification?
  8. Don’t get along with someone in your group? Remember that you don’t need to like someone to work with them. This will happen to you plenty of times both in school and work. So, try to not let your differences interfere with the project or your grade.
  9. Don’t be afraid to take the lead on the project if no one else is. Every group needs someone who takes charge and makes sure things get done!
  10. Stay positive! Although time consuming and at times, stressful, group projects will benefit you and your future career. It is also a great way to meet new people and build your network!

There you have it … 10 Tips to help your survive group projects! Hopefully, these tips will help you all out with all those projects we have as business students!

Share with me your tips or some of your funny, worst, and best experiences with group projects in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


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