How To Become A Multitasking Ninja!

The end of the semester is near and by now we know that university life takes some crazy multitasking skills! I’m sure many of you are in the same boat as me… trying to balance what feels like a million group projects, reports, and exams. So, I thought I’d share this quick post with you so you too can become a multitasking ninja before this term is done!

1. Make schedules – You are too cool for a to-do list!

Grab a calendar and start organizing your time! Allocate a few hours to each of your tasks or even a day to work on one project! When you see it all organized and in a visual tool it will help you tons. You will also be less likely to stray! Remember to Schedule EVERYTHING – even showers, breaks, eating, drive time, Ninjutsu, etc. DON’T over schedule… a sleepy ninja is not a smart ninja!

2. Master self control

A true Ninja is a master of their environment, which requires one to be in control of one’s self. To master one’s self, learn to think rationally and not get distracted! Eliminate all distractions when working on a task such as texting your friends and social media. Find a place where you are in total control and will be productive!

 3. Learn to switch gears!

One of the key abilities of an effective multitasker is the ability to switch from one project to the next. However, we usually finish one task and move on to the next, only to still be thinking about the task we just finished. Make sure to take a break between each of the tasks so you can have a fresh start. Also, try to focus on the task that you are working on and not the others you have completed or the one you will be working on next. One tip for doing so is to keep similar tasks together so you don’t have to make big adjustments between tasks.


There you have it! 3 quick and easy tips for becoming a multitasking ninja! Good luck and I hope these tips will help you in your last few weeks of the term! For information about important deadlines, dates, and student services please visit Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management.

Share your tips for being a multitasking ninja in the comments below!