April Fools’ Day: Our Favourite Marketing Pranks

In honour of April Fools’ Day we thought it would be great to share some of our favourite marketing and advertising pranks of the last few years. The marketing landscape has significantly changed with the rise of social media and the understanding that when you create great content, people will listen. And what better content is there then a good prank?

In no particular order, here are some of our favourite marketing pranks:

The One that’s Creepy Until it’s Not

source | best-marketing.eu

Unsuspecting public transport patrons found themselves photoshopped into ridiculous scenarios by an artist in a van across the street while sitting in a bus stop in Sweden. Confusing, surreal and somewhat creepy, this marketing prank uses surprise and delight to engage both B2B & B2C audiences.

Check out the full video below:

The One with that Everyone was Thinking

source | mashable.com

Have you seen these Apple iPhone 6 ads around recently? They depict beautiful vistas in impressive high quality, intended to boast the camera quality of Apple’s latest phone release. But two anonymous pranksters in the advertising world wanted to bring these billboards down to earth, emphasizing that most people aren’t using the iPhone 6 for the amazing, artsy images Apple seems to think are the norm for their average customer. Crappy selfies, every time.

The One you Kind of Wish was Real

Throwing back to 2012, we loved Google’s own throwback April Fools’ Day prank of their fake product launch of Google Maps for NES. As much as this was quite obviously Google pulling our leg, the concept left us actually thinking this might be awesome – but perhaps that’s our 90’s nostalgia talking.

The One with Production Value

The BBC has done some great “prankvertising” in the past, including the infamous Spaghetti Tree Harvest from 1957. But this video about flying penguins somehow captures the majesty of BBC’s Planet Earth series using the magic of CGI. The only thing that could have made this more believable would be using David Attenborough’s voice instead of Terry Jones, because surely everything that man says must be true.

The One that could Backfire

West Jet has been a leader in online video for quite a few years now and this April Fools’ promotion is no exception. It is a good thing they clearly specify this is an April Fools’ Day joke though, as we’re sure at least one person would attempt to fly with their pet ferret on board had they not.


The One that Makes you Happy-Cry

It might be a bit out of season to ignite the Christmas-feels, but this viral video, again from West Jet, really knows how to prank their customers with the spirit of giving.


What’s your favourite marketing prank from this April Fools’ Day or years’ past? Let us know over Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments!