#ThisIsTRSM: From Barbados to Business Management

#ThisIsTRSM profiles new students and faculty at TRSM. In this first edition, we hear from Shebree Broomes, a first-year Business Management student, about why she chose to come to Toronto, what it’s like to attend university in a bustling city, and the learning strategies that will help her succeed.

Sheebree Broomes

Coming to Canada

I was born and raised in Barbados, a small island nation in the Caribbean. I left at the end of August to come to Canada for the very first time. Toronto is vastly different from Barbados. The weather is the most obvious example, but also the landscape of the city, the numerous skyscrapers, towers and busy streets. Every day is a bittersweet reminder that I am no longer in Barbados.

Why Business Management?

When I was young, I fell in love with literature and wanted to be an author or journalist when I grew up. Now that I’m older, I realize that business is a passion of mine, and I would love to channel that passion into a career. So it was very important to me to attend a program that placed emphasis on practical and career-focused education instead of just theory. When researching potential programs, I could see Business Management at TRSM did just that.


I first heard about TRSM at a college fair in Barbados nearly three years ago. The location in the heart of downtown Toronto was definitely a pull factor. By the time I realized I wanted to pursue a career in business, I honestly could not think of a better place to study business than TRSM. My experience at TRSM so far has surpassed anything I could have imagined. I could not have previously imagined how exciting my courses would be, how approachable the professors would be, how friendly and welcoming the staff and students would be or that I could literally walk through a bustling downtown shopping mall and into my school building. I have had an incredible experience so far, and I know it’s just the beginning.

“It’s like downtown Toronto is your campus…”

I think the unique thing about attending school in downtown Toronto, especially for business students, is that the environment enhances your learning and enriches your classes with vibrant real-life examples that are literally right outside your window or a couple floors down at the TRSM building. The principles and theories are not isolated, abstract concepts, but relevant – you see them being played out in the business activities all around you. In many ways, it feels like downtown is your campus, and everywhere you look there is something to learn. For me, it has not been a challenge to balance learning, classes and extracurriculars with attending school downtown, but rather it adds much value and enriches these areas.

Learning Strategies for Success

I have been enjoying all my classes so far, but a definite favorite is BUS 100: Strategies for Success. It has been such an inspiring, thought-provoking and extraordinary class. Its name is quite fitting, as the strategies and skills we learn in class will no doubt help us become more successful students, professionals and individuals overall. In my time at TRSM I hope to excel academically and be very involved. I hope that when I graduate, I leave with more than just a degree but with impactful experiences, skills that will be an asset to me in my career and friendships and memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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