#ThisIsTRSM: Endless Opportunities to Get Involved

Amanda Chin is a first-year student at the Ted Rogers School of Business Management who is considering majoring in Entrepreneurship and Strategy and looking forward to getting more involved. She says there are so many opportunities at TRSM and Ryerson that it’s almost overwhelming – in a good way.

Here, Amanda tells us about why she chose the Ted Rogers School of Business Management, her goals for the future, and her advice for students who are trying to figure out where to go to university.


Why the Ted Rogers School of Business Management?

I always had Ryerson in mind, but it wasn’t until I went to the Ontario Universities’ Fair that I really started thinking about attending the Ted Rogers School of Business Management. I heard about the AACSB Accreditation and heard that less than five percent of business schools are accredited, which really impressed me.

Most of all, I felt like I really fit with the school. In the end, it was between Ryerson and Guelph. The two schools are such contrasts and I chose TRSM because of the location, the professors, the whole school – I just knew it suited me more.

Connected to the Financial District, but Part of Ryerson University

I see so many events going on at TRSM that are sponsored by large corporations and that’s a huge advantage of Ryerson – it’s connected with all these big businesses so close by.

It’s even better than I expected so far. Just walking through campus, you feel like you’re part of something way bigger. It’s not that you feel small, but you’re one of many and that’s a good thing. You’re united in your campus.

High School vs. University

Class sizes are really different. You could sit in a new place every single day and meet new people, which is great. The BUS 100 (Strategies for Success) breakout sessions are really helpful because you see different faces every week and then you see them in other classes and form bonds and relationships. The class is a great resource. Dr. Schlanger (professor of BUS 100) mentioned at the very beginning that you have to choose to put these actions to work in your everyday life and that’s really important. I’m learning a lot and am able to apply this stuff right away.

There’s an openness here. I really like that there’s an emphasis on self-wellness and personal care. In high school the focus is really on getting good grades to be able to go to university, but once you’re here self-wellness is so important. There are so many services and workshops and events I want to go to.

Trimentoring is a good example. I joined as a mentee because I like to have the support of an upper-year student for advice or if I have questions. It’s great to know I can turn to them, even if I just have one or two questions.

Pursuing Entrepreneurship and Going International

I’m thinking of majoring in Entrepreneurship and Strategy. I would really like to work in small business or move into mobile application development, which is a really growing area. Entrepreneurship and Strategy applies to so many different areas of business.

In my time at TRSM, I hope to gain the right knowledge to create something on my own. For a long time, my goal or dream was to create a small business. I really wanted to open a café-bookstore. Knowing that I will have those skills is exactly what I want. I want to know that I can be successful on my own.

I am also definitely going to go on international exchange. I’m thinking probably the UK in my third year. I wouldn’t even call that a goal – I’m going to do it.

Getting Involved

There are so many opportunities at Ryerson and TRSM, and so many student groups. I’m positive there’s a different event going on every single day. I’ve really been trying to push myself to get out there.

If you aren’t overwhelmed by all the opportunities, you probably haven’t heard of all of them!

Advice for Students Considering TRSM

Go where you feel like you fit. I visited a bunch of other universities and there was something missing compared to Ryerson. Now that I’m here I can’t even picture being anywhere else. This is the program for me. Even before I applied for university, I knew about the DMZ and how to apply. The fact that we even have something like that is so unique to Ryerson. It just fits with our school and makes it something special.

If you have an idea, go to the school you think can take you there. Even though I don’t really know exactly what I want to do for a career, I know I’ll figure it out here.

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Amanda has a personal blog about her experiences at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Visit Amanda Meets Ryerson to read about her journey so far.