Women in Capital Markets – SheBiz 2015

On Friday November 20, 2015, Women in Capital Markets hosted their annual SheBiz event for young women. SheBiz is a daylong event that features speakers from a variety of industries as well as interactive activities for young women in grades 9-11. There was also a panel discussion where the attendees could hear from current women who are in business programs at  GTA universities, such as the Ted Rogers School of Management, Rotman, and Schulich.

Lucky for me, I was selected as one of two representatives for TRSM, along with Dana Marlatt, a 2nd year Retail Management student. The power, excitement, and energy in the room were unbelievable. It was so refreshing to see how motivated and enthusiastic these young women were about business and their education.


We were able to share our thoughts on our programs, our reasons for selecting TRSM, what inspired us to get into business, and share some of our advice with future students.

Below are some of the questions we were able to answer!

1. Why did you choose TRSM?

Alysia: Coming as a direct entry student from college, TRSM won me over with small class sizes, experiential learning, and location. It offered a smooth transition not only for me as direct entry student, but also for those coming from high school.

Dana: The location in the heart of Toronto — it was close to my family, and offered a unique Retail Management program!

2. Did you always know you wanted to go into business?

Alysia: Yes, I fell in love with business in my first introduction to business course in grade 9. I took a marketing class again in grade 10 and knew this was what I wanted to pursue. All throughout high school I took whatever business courses were offered and got a business certificate.

Dana: I initially wanted to go into engineering, but when I realized the potential and growth in business I was sold!

3. What is the biggest lesson you have learned from business school?

Alysia: My lesson would be that business is more than knowing the theory from the textbook; it’s also about the people you know. So get out there and network with other students, professors, and get involved. Don’t be shy, and remember to brand yourself!

Dana: It’s important to know when to say yes and no to certain opportunities. There are many experiences that you have the ability to capitalize on. However, you need to be selective and know when to say “no!” to ensure you don’t get overwhelmed. Follow your gut!

4. What’s something you wish someone told you before you started business school?

Alysia: That there is a lot of group work! I wish someone would’ve given me tips on how to pick the right group members, keep everyone on track, and be successful. Many of your course projects at TRSM will involve group work so it’s crucial that you don’t just select your friends. Find people you can count on and who will not only get the work done, but also do it well as a large percentage of your grade will count on it!

Dana: I wish someone would’ve told me the importance of being able to sit still and listen. It will come in handy in life, lectures, and it’s overall a good skill to have in business. Learn when to disconnect from social media!


In addition to the above questions, we also had an opportunity to answer audience questions. They asked us questions on the application process, student groups, and the transition from secondary to post-secondary.

“It was great to be able to interact with potential students and help them on their journey to business school. It felt amazing to inspire more young women to pursue a career and education in business!” – Alysia Harji

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The other great aspect about participating in this event was that we got to work along side and network with other women from Rotman and Schulich. It was great to hear their perspectives, stories and tips. It was also interesting to see how our experiences at business schools were similar and how they were also very distinct, based on the school we chose.

“Speaking at SheBiz allowed me the opportunity to inspire young women to pursue an education in business, which reinforced the passion I have for my degree in Retail Management at TRSM”- Dana Marlatt

Overall, SheBiz was an excellent opportunity and we enjoyed every minute of it! We are looking forward to seeing many of the young women on campus next year! #Classof2020

If you are thinking about attending TRSM, share with us in the comments what you’re most excited about! If you are a current student at TRSM tell us why you chose to study business at TRSM!