For our latest #BizHubChat, we tackled a subject that’s becoming increasingly relevant for job seekers of all career stages and skill levels: online profiles.

By now we all know it’s important to maintain an online presence and personal brand, but how do you make sure you’re maximizing your online potential?

For this edition of the #BizHubChat, we brought on expert Hamza Khan, an award-winning marketer and co-founder of Splash Effect, a digital agency that works with brands to enhance communications and build online communities.

Here are the highlights of the #BizHubChat on maximizing your online profile:

1) Why is it important to create a strong online presence?

You should be online because recruiters are. Seriously: as Hamza notes in the above tweet, 91 percent of recruiters use platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to find and research candidates (though remember that they may also be looking elsewhere depending on your industry). So being online can be essential to unlocking new opportunities, whether you’re pursuing a new job, a promotion, or a client. Your online profile can be a way employers learn more about you, or use to your advantage in your roles. Individuals who create a strong online presence have an edge over other candidates.

2) How often should I update my online profiles? (Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn etc?)

Hamza shared that there’s no official consensus answer to this question, but there are some good resources and recommendations. Quality over quantity is an important consideration. Make sure what you are posting is effective instead of just trying to maintain a certain target number of posts.

3) How can I maximize my time online to build my personal brand presence?

Follow the right people, like industry leaders, and try to emulate the things they do well. Use social media to keep on top of your industry and participate in right conversations. Treat social media like a networking event, since you know many of your prospective employers and recruiters are there.

4) What are recruiters and hiring managers searching for when they view my online profiles?

Employers and recruiters are looking to see if you are engaged with the industry and if you’re genuinely interested in what you do professionally. They’re also checking for personality and company fit as well as evidence of the skills you highlight in your resume. For example, if you say you show great attention to detail in your resume but your social media presence is rife with spelling errors, you are not doing a great job of demonstrating that skill!

5) What are the biggest mistakes you should avoid online?

Avoid saying anything that might indicate you are not the right fit for the company or industry you want to work in. Be sure you are using you online profile to maintain connections with you contacts. Also, make sure that your feed is not entirely about you, but rather relates to your industry and provides genuine value to your community. And make sure to avoid saying things that could change people’s perception of you in a negative way.

6) What are some ways to utilize social media to advance your career path?

Search yourself regularly to see how you might come across to online recruiters and employers.  Engage with leaders in your desired industry, making the most of networking opportunities through resources such as Ten Thousand Coffees and LinkedIn, observe industry leaders, become a thought leader yourself and treat your online presence like your personal PR. Tell your story.

Want to check out the full #BizHubChat on maximizing your online profile? Visit this Storify summary to relive the entire chat.

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