My name is Jhanel Jaipargas (LinkedIn) and I’m a fourth year Hospitality and Tourism Management student at TRSM. When I enrolled in Management Placement and Experience (HTH 706), I didn’t realize it would lead me to become part of something bigger at Ryerson and steer my career path in ways I never thought possible.

HTH 706 offers a chance for students to get an internship of their choice for the winter semester. I found an internship opportunity at the Business Career Hub at TRSM. The posting was looking for an Events Intern to work with Career Consultant Sneha Deokie. As I read through the posting, I thought it was too good to be true. Though I was nervous and anxious, I applied for the internship.

After submitting my resumé and participating in a phone interview, I was lucky enough to secure the internship at the Business Career Hub for the semester.

My Work as the Events Intern

As an events intern at the Business Career Hub, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Sneha Deokie, who is a fantastic role model, mentor and experienced Career Consultant that goes out of her way to help students. She works with the amazing Business Career Hub team, who help students at TRSM to guide their career path, and inspire them to become someone recognized in the workforce as opposed to just another employee badge number.

The team at the Business Career Hub are creative, engaged, and fantastic individuals who are experts in career consulting. From one conversation or meeting, I learned so much from each career consultant. For instance, their information on resumé improvement and interview prep talks can guide a student into the right direction when applying for a job. This team works endlessly to create the best workshops, solutions and talks. Their commitment to a student’s need for an upcoming employment opportunity or interview prep can give them the confidence they need when applying for a job.

Taking Advantage of Connections

While interning, I had the opportunity to assist with the planning and coordination of each event held by the Business Career Hub. I connected with managers, recruiters and employers at every event. I had the most beneficial experience that will stay with me forever. I took advantage of all the services that the Business Career Hub offers. I improved my resumé and cover letters, updated my LinkedIn profile, strengthened my interview skills and started to network with employers I would have never imagined connecting with. Participating in all the Business Career Hub events allowed me to grow as a person, gain self-confidence and has inspired me to become a more independent hardworking individual in the workforce.

Securing a Job

One of my most memorable moments interning at the Business Career Hub was at a Hospitality and Tourism Career Showcase. I had a chance to connect with many employers from various companies.

This gave me a chance to discuss further employment opportunities for after my graduation in April. And just like that, I made my first leap into the real world by securing a part-time job from one of the connections I made at the Career Showcase! I think it’s safe to say at this point, as a student, receiving a job even before graduation is pretty amazing.

What I’ve Learned

Some of the most important lessons I learned from interning at the Business Career Hub are to always try your best and to never give up on yourself or the career path you aspire to achieve.

Using the right tools and meeting the appropriate people, your career path will always lead you to the road to success.

Want to learn more about how you can get involved with the Business Career Hub? Visit their website.

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