How to Succeed in a Telephone Interview

If you’re currently looking for a job, you’ve likely spent a lot of time preparing for interviews: figuring out an appropriate professional outfit, practicing making eye contact and answering with confidence. But how do you prepare if a prospective employer requests a phone interview?

For our latest #BizHubChat, we partnered with @RogersCareers to get some stellar advice on how you can ace your telephone interview.

Here are the highlights!

1) Why do some employers ask for telephone interviews?

Employers often use telephone interviews as a first step in the hiring process. Telephone interviews are a great way for employers to confirm logistics, clarify information, screen candidates and assess their communication skills. Don’t be surprised if you’re asked to participate in a telephone interview before you get a chance to meet the hiring manager.

2) How can you steer clear of common telephone interview mistakes?

The keys to a successful telephone interview are similar to the keys to an in-person interview: do your research, maintain a professional tone and sell your skills. But remember that telephone interviews have their own special technical considerations. Make sure you charge your phone and find a quiet, comfortable space to chat.

And go in with a plan for what you want to get across:

3) What questions should you always expect to answer in a telephone interview?

Prepare to be asked about your resume, your experience, your skills and why you’re interested in the position in the first place. Remember that even when you’re asked to talk about yourself, you should maintain a professional tone:

Remember to think about highlights and avoid allowing your answers to be derailed or sidetracked.

4) What can you do to prepare before a telephone interview?

Remember to take the telephone interview as seriously as you would an in-person interview.

This might even involve dressing for success to make sure you feel professional and confident:

Don’t be afraid to power pose to build some confidence before the interview.

Make sure to know the job posting and requirements inside and out so that you’re able to anticipate the questions you’ll be asked:

And don’t be afraid to be a P.E.S.T.:

5) How should you conclude a telephone interview?

Make sure to ask some questions at the end of the call to further emphasize your interest in the position and show that you’re prepared.

And remember to express gratitude to the interviewer for considering you for the position and taking the time to interview you.

6) What final advice do you have on how to succeed in a telephone interview?

We say it all the time: practice, practice, practice. A telephone interview is no different.

Make sure to take the telephone interview seriously.

Remember that every step in the hiring process is a great opportunity to show why you’re the right candidate. Take the phone interview seriously and prepare in the same way you would with an in-person interview.

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