5 Ways to Stay Connected After Graduation

Another academic year has come to an end at TRSM, with convocation once again serving as a fantastic end-of-year party for our graduates and the Ryerson University community.

Convocation is a joyous celebration that marks the next step in a career journey for many, but it can also bring up feelings of anxiety in graduates. After all, it’s a major step in the beginning of a career, and change can be scary.

One way graduates can ease into the transition is by staying connected.

Here are 5 ways you can stay connected after graduation:

1) Keep in Touch with the Business Career Hub

Graduation doesn’t mean you’re all alone in your search for a career. The Business Career Hub offers TRSM alumni access to their career services for up to five years after graduation.

See Adita’s story for an example of how BCH can help alumni.

2) Connect to Ted’s Café

TRSM Alumni recently partnered with TenThousandCoffees to launch Ted’s Cafe, a new online hub for students and professionals in the TRSM community. Ted’s Café can help you connect with fellow TRSM alumni and members of the professional community. Connect in-person or online to share ideas, insights and advice over a cup of coffee.

3) Don’t Be a Stranger!

TRSM alumni regularly participate in BCH career development events throughout the year. Visit the Events page on the TRSM homepage to stay up to date on all of the events happening throughout the year.

4) Support Your Fellow Alumni

If you find yourself in a position to hire a recent graduate or make a recommendation, remember that we have talented and qualified individuals like yourself who are looking for experience in the field!

5) Stay Connected on Social Media

The Business Career Hub is social! Stay connected with us to keep up with the latest news, events, career advice and opportunities. We’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.