How the Business Career Hub Supported My Career Transition


Earlier this year, I was one of 430 workers who lost their jobs at Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario, due to the organization’s abrupt closure.

Prior to the closure, I had been with the organization for three years and suffice to say, when the breaking news first swept media outlets, I was left feeling disheartened and confused. My career was now at a pivotal turning point, filled with pangs of anxiety on how to navigate the uncharted waters.

Within 48 hours of the news, I unexpectedly received a LinkedIn message from the Ted Rogers School of Management’s Business Career Hub. Career consultants Sneha Deokie and Medhat Sedarose, both of whom I had never previously met, reached out to me with the empathic words “We are here to support you in your career transition.”

Both were aware that I was an alumna of the Global Management Studies program (Class of 2012) and kindly invited me to come into the Business Career Hub to seek guidance whenever I felt ready.

Sneha and Medhat
Career consultants Sneha Deokie and Medhat Sedarose

Without hesitation, I responded and set up an appointment within the week to meet the career consultants who were so eager to help me through this difficult time.

I remember our first in-person meeting and the calm disposition of both Sneha and Medhat. Not only were they knowledgeable in their craft, leaping to create an action plan for next steps, they also provided a safe space for me to talk and openly express any concerns. Both were instrumental in the integral first step of updating my resumé and cover letter to align with my project management experience.

In the months to follow, Sneha and Medhat joined part of my wider support team, rallying behind me to find full-time employment that matched my skill set. I was invited to networking events, forwarded job openings that fit my vision and regularly provided with words of motivation to keep me moving forward.

After four months of unemployment, a resilient mindset and support from my network, I am excited to begin a new chapter at a company where I am continuing my career as a Project Manager.

As a proud TRSM alumna, I would like to express immense gratitude to Sneha, Medhat and Ted Rogers School of Management for supporting alumni through the highs and lows of their career.

The best is yet to come!