Why Diversity in the Workplace is Important

We all know diversity is an important feature of thriving businesses, but it can sometimes seem like a vague concept. At the Business Career Hub, we are firm believers that a diverse team makes for a more productive, innovative, and friendly work environment.

For our latest #BizHubChat, we partnered with Career Edge (@CareerEdgeOrg) to talk about what diversity means, why it’s important for business and how you can become a champion at your workplace.

1) What does diversity in the workplace mean to you?

Diversity touches so many aspects of a successful workplace and means that each employee should be able to act as his or her authentic self when at work. Diversity at work is about bringing people together to ensure success. Creating an inclusive environment and accepting different views and opinions can only benefit the work experience.

2) How can I take a more active role in diversity within my organization?

Make sure to communicate, and be prepared to have potentially uncomfortable or challenging conversations. Make sure to focus on the abilities of the individual, rather than personal differences, and make sure to demonstrate understanding whenever possible.

3) What could companies do better when it comes to diversity in the workplace?

Our experts agreed that transparency and an open-door policy go a long way to getting to know your co-workers’ authentic selves.

It’s also important for hiring managers to be aware of their own biases. They can help ensure diversity by using blind resumes to avoid being influenced by their unknown biases.

It’s also important to educate and communicate about what diversity really means and why it’s important.

And remember that you should walk the talk when it comes to supporting diversity!

4) What are the key benefits of a diverse workplace?

A diversity of perspectives and experiences brings a great deal of opportunity for creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Higher diversity has also been shown to lead to better employee retention rates — an important consideration for decision makers at any organization.

And, of course, just think of the lunch possibilities!

5) How do you alter your work style to meet a diversity need or challenge?

Remember that your perspective is just one of many in a diverse workplace, and you need to check your biases accordingly.

6) How does workplace diversity impact team performance?

In conclusion, diversity can have an extremely positive effect on team performance and help to create a well-rounded organization. Employees who are more engaged and feel more supported will lead to better results!

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