We’re a dedicated team of learning professionals who support the academic life and success of TRSM students.

Located on the 8th floor of the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRS2-168), we’re here to promote strong strategies and study skills to ensure you can achieve your absolute best academically.

University life can be tough, and getting the most out of your academic experience requires hard work and dedication. But you don’t have to embark on the journey alone! Let us help you through the process with our various learning services. We’ve got the right strategies to help you achieve your academic goals.

The Academic Success Centre used to be called Student Services in the Ted Rogers School of Management. If you’ve taken advantage of our offerings in the past, you may be wondering why we changed our name.

Here are three reasons why we’re now called the Academic Success Centre.

Our new name represents us better


We used to be known as Student Services, and while we definitely want to be of service to TRSM students, we also want to make it clear that our focus is on your academic success. As a TRSM student, your academic success is a top priority, and we are here to help you to succeed in your schoolwork and achieve your best at TRSM so that you will be prepared to thrive once you graduate.

We’re academic!


Our team of dedicated learning professionals supports the academic life of TRSM students. Central to our work is the promotion of strong learning strategies and study skills required to achieve academic success.  We view learning as a process that requires work and dedication, but we are here to support you through this process and on your journey to be a successful student.

We’ve got a new look

Our spiffy new website

Our spiffy new website

Along with our new name, we’ve changed the look and feel of our website and physical space. We’re still located on the 8th floor of the TRSM building at 55 Dundas Street West, but we’re working on a beautiful new space that will better allow us to serve our students. Drop by and find out how we can help support your academic success through 1-on-1 appointments, tutoring, academic planning, and much more.

Want to learn more about TRSM’s Academic Success Centre?

Visit our website or drop by and say hello. Our website also has lots of free tips for how you can improve your time management, note-taking, and test prep skills.

Stay tuned for more Academic Success Centre posts on the This Is TRSM blog, including information about our team of learning professionals and tips and tricks for starting the school year off on the right foot.

Posted by Madelyn Steed

Madelyn is Manager of Academic Support at TRSM. She holds a Master of Education degree and is a proud Katimavik alumna. She is delighted to continue serving the Ryerson student population, and celebrated her eighth year with Ryerson this summer. Madelyn leads and supports the programming in the Academic Success Centre. She is eager to develop and grow the Academic Success Centre to support the needs and challenges our students face alongside exceptional staff and faculty in TRSM.