A Small Idea with a Huge Impact

Sometimes the most meaningful ideas can reveal themselves in a casual class setting.

Just last Wednesday, Luca Cianfarani, a student of mine in BUS100, brought forward an idea for how we could make an impact on the homeless community around TRSM and Ryerson University. The idea was to distribute care packages to the community around us as the weather gets colder.

From that small idea, together with the outstanding support of Professors David Schlanger and Cindy Mason, BUS100 Lead Facilitator Natasha Nesrine, the Ted Rogers Students’ Society, many faculty members, and our passionate students, an initiative grew and far exceeded our expectations… in just one week!

Luca and Lauren

Luca and Lauren with care packages

The event turned out to be a great success, considering we were unsure about how many people would show up and if the fall weather would cooperate. Overall, the objective of the initiative was met: we empowered our students to give back to their community and take time to acknowledge the many people we walk by every day: the homeless.

How is this different from any other student sandwich drive? Because in just one week, we managed to assemble 200 care packages (which included a water bottle, granola bar, apple, “hotties” hand warmers, and a piece of chocolate) and gathered almost 100 caring students who were eager to get outside and contribute to our community. We called this pilot project the Care Package for the Homeless Delivery Initiative.

It was a special thing to see a single student create a spark that positively ignited everyone around him. No one assigned Luca the task of thinking about the homeless community – he recognized a need and decided he wanted to help.

Through an outpouring of generosity and support, TRSM made its presence felt in our larger community on the streets of Toronto, a city we all love.

Furthermore, as someone who spearheaded the initiative, I am so proud to be a part of a school that provides the resources and support to take an idea and quickly make something amazing happen. After such a successful first event, I hope we can come together as a TRSM family again to help our surrounding community!

Posted by Lauren Ambrosetti

Lauren is a fourth year Accounting major and a BUS100 Course Facilitator at TRSM. In her four years at the School of Accounting and Finance, Lauren has embodied the character of a student leader through her role as an executive member of the Ryerson Commerce and Government Association (RCGA), volunteer involvement through the Ted Rogers Students' Society (TRSS) Street Team and as a repeat delegate and case competition finalist of the annual Ted Rogers Management Conference (TRMC). Outside of school, Lauren currently works as a Junior Accounting Associate at Sprott Money Ltd. and is very passionate about spending time with her friends and family, while doing the things she loves most: playing soccer, traveling, dirt biking, and reading leisurely.

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