Every TRSM student is different, and each TRSM program requires different study strategies for success. For the first time ever, the TRSM Academic Success Centre has hired a Peer Academic Coach (PAC) from each school to ensure we can provide support for students from every program.

PACs are upper-year students trained to share study skills tips and to mentor and help fellow students navigate their academics. We tend to hire students who are not only academically successful, but have also overcome their own obstacles, so they can relate to what other students go through.

Meeting regularly with a PAC is a great way to stay motivated throughout the academic term, as it is very easy to start with great energy but run out of fuel later in the term, when classes and assignments become more demanding and challenging.

Students often report feeling more comfortable talking to their peers about their academic needs. With that in mind, they can request an appointment with PACs directly. They may also be referred by the TRSM Learning Strategist after a learning consultation, as a way to keep engaged and give continuity to a proposed academic strategy.

This Fall, we’ve hired a fantastic team, and our PACs are very keen to support student success and motivation. Meet your PAC team!

Jasinthan Uthayasandiran

JasinthanJasinthan is in his 4th year of the Business Technology Management program. He is currently working as a member of the PAC team for the third time and has also worked as an ITM100 facilitator. He is very passionate about helping students achieve their goals by using his own experiences in TRSM. Jasinthan is very interested in sports and is currently pursuing a career in sports and entertainment management in the city of Toronto. In his spare time he enjoys not only watching but also playing basketball, football, and baseball.

Esha Katyal

EshaEsha is a 3rd year TRSM student in the School of Accounting and Finance who plans to major in Finance. She is currently the Vice President of Finance of Ryerson Speech and Debate Association and volunteers as a Peer Mentor for the Trimentoring Program and RULS (Ryerson University Lifeline Syria). She is a very approachable and friendly person who loves to smile. Esha is very passionate about helping students overcome their academic barriers, and she feels that her own experiences as an international student have taught her a lot and helped her relate better to students. As a PAC this year she hopes to see students succeed in their academic goals. Esha loves calculus and anthropology and, in her spare time, she enjoys playing Sudoku, motivational public speaking, cooking, singing, watching cricket and taking her dog for a walk.

Mathew Catangui

MathewMathew is a 3rd year TRSM student in the School of Retail Management. He is currently the President of the Retail Students Association and one of the Retail Directors on Ted Rogers Students’ Society. Mathew’s courses are primarily retail-related with electives in French, Psychology, and Law. He is hoping to complete a Law minor. Mathew has always enjoyed helping others and is excited to be a part of the Peer Academic Coach team to be able to help students achieve their best. A fun fact about Mathew is that he is a graduate from the Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Ottawa, where he specialized in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Saba Zubair

SabaSaba is in her 2nd year in the School of Business Management, majoring in Human Resources Management. She is currently volunteering with Ryerson Moves, RSU’s Good Food Centre and the Sunday Regent Meals service as a server. Saba transferred from U of T in 2014 after organizing their Farmers’ Market and learning she enjoyed taking on the management role. A fun fact about Saba is that the ASC was the first place she visited when she came to Ryerson. The ASC played a big role in her easy transition to a new university. As a Peer Academic Coach this year, Saba looks forward to helping you in having your best academic year yet! In her spare time, Saba can be found gardening, meal planning or watching documentaries.

Madhavi Tanotra

MadhaviMadhavi is a 4th year TRSM student majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management and minoring in Geography. She is currently an executive member on the Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism Society and a senior peer mentor for the HTMentoring Program. During her years at Ryerson she has been actively involved and highly recognized as a positive, motivating, and hardworking individual. Being a Peer Academic Coach has given her the opportunity to excel as a leader by helping students achieve their personal best. On her spare time she enjoys motivational public speaking, playing baseball, and watching the Blue Jays.

Kaitlyn VanderKruk

KaitlynKaitlyn is in her 4th year in the School of Business Management, majoring in Law & Business and hoping to minor in Retail. Kaitlyn has many years of customer service experience and is a returning Peer Academic Coach. She loves helping students overcome academic barriers that she once faced herself and feels that her experiences help her to relate to other students and to better assist them academically. She is excited about the Academic Success Centre and hopes to see more students visit and more students experience academic success. In her spare time, Kaitlyn enjoys gardening (she has a ‘green thumb’ so to speak), photography, music and outdoor activities.

Want to meet our PACs in person?

Students can request an appointment with a PAC by visiting the Academic Success Centre at TRS 2-168, calling 416-979-5000, ext. 2467 or emailing peer.trsm@ryerson.ca.

Posted by Joana Londoño

Joana Londoño is a Learning Strategist in TRSM’s Academic Success Centre. She has worked at Ryerson University for 11 years and has a rich blend of experience from various roles that have supported student achievement. Joana believes that academic achievement doesn’t happen in a vacuum, and brings her broad Ryerson experience and network into the Learning Strategist role, to keep TRSM students engaged and motivated. She firmly believes that with the right balance of challenge and support all students are capable of thriving beyond their expectations. Joana holds a master’s degree in Communication & Culture and is fluent in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

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