New Year, New You, New Job

Man in Business Suit

And we’re back! The winter semester is now in full swing and it’s right back to the grind, but the new year is a great time to evaluate where you’re at in your academic and professional career. It’s the perfect opportunity to get to work on some career or co-op preparation.

So what’s the best place to start?

Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

If you’re a co-op student, by now you’ve likely completed some sort of resume and cover letter review with your co-op coordinator. If you haven’t, reach out to them to determine how they can help you update your documents.

The Business Career Hub (BCH) also offers resume and cover letter reviews. Book an appointment with your career consultant or drop by the BCH (TRS 2-148) from Monday to Friday between 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. for a 15-minute review of your documents.

We also have a fantastic career preparation workbook you can pick up in our office or view online for free. There are lots of great resume and cover letter preparation tips in there, but that’s just one small part of the book! Be sure to read through the rest of the helpful information we’ve created for you.

Book a Mock Interview

Mock interviews are a fantastic resource, and not nearly enough students take advantage of them! I worked in the university career centre when I was a student, and even I didn’t take advantage of the mock interviews – but I wish I had!

Whether you have an interview coming up or just want some more practice with your interview skills, you can always book a time for a mock interview. Reach out to your co-op coordinator to determine availability. The Business Career Hub also offer mock interviews – reach out to the career consultant who works with your program to book an appointment.

I know what some of you might be thinking. Why would I bother practicing if I don’t have an actual interview coming up?

Well, you never know when you’ll get called for an interview, and sometimes there may not be enough time to book a mock interview in time for the real thing. So it’s always a good idea to practice ahead of time when possible. Plus, the majority of interviews co-op students attend often have similar questions (while of course being tailored to a specific position and/or employer). We’ll help you cover the basics, and leave you with some helpful suggestions for your upcoming interviews to help you stand out!

Get Student Business Cards

Do you really need business cards? It’s a question we hear at the Business Career Hub all the time.

The short and only answer: YES.

Whether you’re meeting with an employer for an interview, networking at an industry event or info session, or just out for coffee with a friend or colleague, it’s always good to have business cards on hand. You never know who you’ll run into, and what opportunities for further discussion may present themselves.

TRSS Business Card Design
TRSS business card design

Check out the Ted Rogers Student Society website where you can order your own business cards for just $20! A template is already created for you – just fill in the details and you’ll have 250 of your own TRSM branded business cards in just 2–3 weeks to hand out at networking events.

Need more help?

If you have any questions about your resume and cover letter, booking a mock interview, or the importance of business cards, drop by the Business Career Hub and chat with our career consultants.