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Earlier this term, I had a chance to visit Quarterback Transportation with a handful of other students as a part of the TRSM Business Career Hub’s Job Shadow Day.

I found the event to be of great value as I got to learn more about the logistics industry, experience Quarterback’s awesome company culture and make some great professional connections.

In June, I will be starting a full-time job as Account Manager at Quarterback Transportation!

The knowledge I gained during the job shadow day was invaluable for ensuring my interviews for the position went smoothly and that I was able to receive an offer. Let me tell you a bit more about the job shadow day and my new role.

Job Shadow Day

We were introduced to the structure of Quarterback Transportation and the extent of its operations. This was a great starting point as it gave us a good crash course on the industry and the role that a freight forwarder serves, acting as an intermediary between companies needing logistics services and the logistics providers that can complete the work.

We were then provided with a chance to ask both the CEO and Sales Managers of Quarterback Transportation further questions which provided us with additional insight on their sales and operations, directly from senior leaders.

Later into the morning, our group was given a tour of Quarterback’s offices, including an on-site gym, a patio where they host summer events, and a football-themed games room.

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Despite Quarterback’s size of more than 70 people, they are able to maintain all the great workplace perks that one usually finds at successful tech start-up. Because we were visiting on a month-end Friday, lunch was provided and we were given a chance to network with more employees and experience the company’s most successful month-end to date.

To wrap up the day, the job shadow portion of the visit commenced. I was partnered up with an Account Manager, Wes, and got to see him handle some of the many challenges that he faces every day.

For example, one of his drivers was unable to make a shipment that day, so he had to communicate with the company the fact that there would be a delay and work with operations to establish an alternative.

Wes also taught me a great deal more about the different carriers that are used, Quarterback’s marketing strategy, and how they use Salesforce to arrange for new business.

Quarterback team meeting

I found the job shadow portion to be extremely beneficial in helping me to grasp a better understanding of the logistics industry and I would highly recommend this opportunity to students in the future.

My New Full-Time Role

There are two components of my role as Account Manager that will change as time goes on. Firstly, I will be responsible for prospecting for new clients and continuing through the sales process. This will involve both cold-calling and following up with companies that have requested to receive a quote as a result of Quarterback Transportation’s marketing efforts.

Once their needs have been established I pass on the request to Quarterback Transportation’s carrier management department where they will be able to determine a price. Once the account has been established I am responsible for managing it further and focusing on business development and account management.

In the first three months, I will be provided with the time to train by working directly with the Operations team. Once I am fully trained, I will be responsible for meeting a performance and activity quotas each month.

The interview process itself was quite lengthy. I was required to complete 3 interviews, a reference check, a personality test, and a background check to receive an offer.

I found the knowledge that I gained during the job shadow day invaluable for ensuring that my interviews for the position went smoothly and that I was able to receive an offer.

I would highly recommend any TRSM students who have a chance to job shadow take advantage of the opportunity.

Posted by Patrick Socha

Patrick Socha is majoring in Global Management Studies at the Ted Rogers School of Management. Patrick will be graduating in June 2017 and will be joining Quarterback Transportation as an Account Manager.