On July 21, 2017, TRSM alumni Martin and Patricia got engaged in the Tutoring Room of the Academic Success Centre. This is their story.

During my first BUS 100 class, Professor David Schlanger said to us, “Look to your left. Look to your right. The person sitting beside you might be your future co-worker, or your future business partner, or perhaps your future husband or wife.”

I can’t remember who was sitting beside me in that class, but I do remember who was sitting beside me during one of my first visits to TRSM’s Tutoring Room at the Academic Success Centre. And while don’t remember every detail of my first encounter with Martin, I do remember cheeky banter, laughing and thinking, “Who is this guy?”

My favorite part of university was meeting people from different backgrounds and experiences from whom I could learn. From our first interaction, I thought Martin was different from me in every way. He was outgoing, a high achiever, excruciatingly attentive to detail. I’m more laissez-faire, introverted, and big picture thinker.

He was majoring in Accounting and I was majoring in Marketing. Despite it all, something clicked. You might think this is a typical story of opposites attracting, but as I have gotten to know Martin, I have learned that he is my complement. We quickly became friends and remained friends throughout university.

Without exaggerating, I can tell you that four years of university are trying. I’m not sure anyone can’t make it through without a bit of spark and determination. That is what brought me to the Tutoring Centre – I wanted to graduate with the satisfaction that I did my best. Martin had the same mentality. He was someone I looked up to. He was going through the same challenges, but was more proficient at math.  I could tell you a million stories of how he teased me in the Tutoring Room, or how he helped me moved my things when I was going on exchange, or how he helped me complete the financial statements of my BUS 800 project. And you’ll think, surely, he was setting the stage for something special. But no, that’s just who he is.

It wasn’t until after we had graduated and the timing was right that we started to date.

Martin and Patricia with Ring

And like they say, the rest is history…

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