September brings such a refreshing energy to the TRSM building as students return from summer break and the halls begin to fill with excitement for what the academic year has in store.

As a current student, you may be dreading the return of exams, projects and late nights spent writing essays – but schoolwork probably won’t be what you remember when this chapter of your life is all said and done. Your days as a student will go very quickly, so how do you make sure you get the most out of your time at TRSM? What should you do now to put yourself in a good position to land that ideal career after graduating?

We asked some recent TRSM graduates to provide some back-to-school advice for current students. Here’s what they told us.

What Advice Would TRSM Alumni Give Current Students?

Anchal Gawri at Convocation“Like many students, I only realized the true value of the Business Career Hub during my final months at TRSM. Building a relationship with your career advisor is so crucial to your success after graduation. Network, network, network. TRSM provides so many opportunities to network both insider and outside the classroom. This also includes the fabulous faculty we have at TRSM. I have had some of the most life-changing conversations with my professors, and discussions about professional development that have contributed to the success I have achieved thus far.”

Anchal Gawri, Business Management, Human Resources, 2017
Analyst, Performance Integrity, TD Bank  

Alex D'Alfonzo HeadshotDo everything! Extracurriculars are what I lived for, and I learned so much through my participation in case competitions! The learning and networking opportunities are incredibly valuable, and worth so much when it is time to go out there and look for a job.”

Alex D’Alfonso, MBA-MTI, 2016
Senior Analyst, Partner Success, Rogers Communications

Mo Wajda HeadshotLook for a gap, and try to build something new – even if it might fail. Your BComm is only one piece of your identity, everything else gets built by the people around you and the things you yourself build along the way. My time at TRSM were some of the best years I’ll ever have. Don’t miss out on that.”

Mo Waja, Business Management, 2014
Self-employed, Marketing & Professional Communications Consultant, Host of Toronto Story Archive (Podcast)

Melana Haile at ConvocationMake sure to utilize all the resources at TRSM including the Academic Success Centre, Business Career Hub, and apply for scholarships/grants. These resources are for you to take advantage of! Also apply for case competitions and any programs that help you develop professionally as well as personally. Lastly, be confident in yourself.”

Melana Haile, Business Management, 2017
Online Marketing Coordinator, RBC

Sanchit Sharma HeadshotTake every opportunity you can to get involved in the TRSM and Ryerson community, whether it be through attending various campus events, participating in competitions or joining student groups. Through my participation in various TRSM competitions, I learned to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to help solve problems.”

Sanchit Sharma, Business Technology Management, 2017
IT Business Analyst, Bell Canada

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