TRSM Alumni Insight: Career Paths

While working towards the successful completion of your degree, your years at university are designed to help you explore your interests, experiment with new ideas and prepare for the ‘real-world’ of work by providing you with the theoretical and practical skills you need to be successful.

If you are preparing to graduate and still don’t know what your career path might look like – don’t sweat it! Gone are the days where you need to have your career mapped out before you graduate. According to a Forbes article, individuals now stay in their jobs on average fewer than three years. So, you might end up having as many as 20 jobs throughout your career.

In an employment and economic landscape that is ever-changing, career paths may take different shapes and trajectories. Take a deep breath. It’s okay if you don’t know what your career path will look like, what your dream job might be or what your 10-year plan is.

Take some inspiration from these #TRSMalumni who spoke to us about their career paths and what they love about their roles.

Colton Creber

KingSett Capital, Asset Management & Development

Business Management, 2014

Current responsibility: My role involves cycling through operations, value creation and strategic execution for KingSett’s portfolio of real estate assets across Canada.

Why you love it: I enjoy contributing tangible value, city building, optimizing design alongside capital deployment and investment strategy. I take pride in walking by a building and knowing that in some minute fashion, my work has had an effect that you can see with your own eyes.

How you landed the role: A mixture of hard work and good fortune; I believe the former births the latter.

Sana Raja

Stanley Black & Decker, Digital Marketing Manager

Business Management – Marketing Major, 2015

Current responsibility: I manage different aspects of digital marketing for our business in Canada – this includes social media, email marketing, SEO/SEM, website, apps and digital content creation. Also, I strategically share insights with our global team so we can implement relevant campaigns across borders.

Why you love it: I love this job because it allows me to do a mixture of things; I am able to strategize on big-picture campaigns, analyze the successes of those campaigns, utilize my ‘creative’ side with content ideas and continue to learn. Working for a global company allows me to expand my digital breadth of knowledge, and attend global conference/meetings with my counterparts from different regions. I’m also always thinking of what’s next, and never getting complacent.

How you landed the role: The TRSM Business Career Hub (BCH) helped me significantly in landing a Digital/Brand internship at Stanley Black & Decker. I was promoted to Digital Lead, and then to my current role. I thank Theeban Pathmanathan from the BCH for his coaching and support throughout my interview process.

Kevin Callahan

Twitter, Head of Business Development

Business Management –Entrepreneurship, 2006

Current responsibility: I help build and foster mutually beneficial relationships with some of the brightest minds in the world for Twitter.

Why you love it: I enjoy working with people and building relationships and having the opportunity to do it with Twitter, which is one of the most relevant tech companies in the world.

How you landed the role: The tech and startup community is tight-knit, so maintaining relationships helped open doors for me.

Nunzio Presta

BizON, Founder & CEO

Business Management – Entrepreneurship, 2012

Current responsibility: BizON provides an engaging business & franchise for sale marketplace that connects and educates buyers and sellers every day. My role is to set the tone and focus on developing a strategy and vision for the company and ensuring that there is a well thought out plan that my team can follow through successfully. I also aim to build a strong culture where employee engagement and happiness are front and centre.

My role focuses on community involvement as well in order to nurture relationships with entrepreneurs, franchises, small businesses and professionals, and their respected communities.

Why you love it: Impact! Every day I am making decisions and guiding my team in order to grow a business and add value to the world and our users. My goal has always been to create a business which people love to work for and a product/service that customers love to use.

How you landed the role: I founded the BizON marketplace through my own life experiences.

Steven Solarz

TD Securities, Associate, Global Equity Derivatives Trading

Finance, 2015

Current responsibility: The Sales & Trading Associate program allows you to explore the various business lines on the trading floor. Through the two-year program, I have the opportunity to connect with various groups in the bank, discover where my skill set can make the biggest impact and get a broader understanding of how the businesses create value for clients and drive profit for the bank.

Why you love it: The rotational program is the best entry point for a career in Sales or Trading on the Trading Floor because you get broad exposure to the capital markets and a greater understanding of how market makers operate.

How you landed the role: Networking!

Rochelle Atizado

LBCG, Management Consultant
United Nations, Writer

Global Management Studies, 2011

Current responsibility: At LBCG, I work with clients in the public sector (government, not-for-profits, community agencies, etc.) on system, organizational and program level changes in support of vulnerable and marginalized communities. At the UN, I write for one of the organization’s flagship publications.

Why you love it: My jobs are the best ones for me – for right now – because I believe they have purpose and contribute to helping people. They are also stepping stones to a bigger dream that I have for myself.

In management consulting, each project is different, which allows me to learn so much from every engagement. I’m also particularly happy to work with clients who are changing people’s lives for the better through their everyday work. And, at the UN, I get to do something I’m deeply passionate about – writing. I’m thrilled to be able to write about the work of an organization that I strongly believe in.

How you landed the role: With LBCG, it was a bit of luck. I applied online, interviewed a few times and the rest is history! With the UN, my entry point was in 2014 while I was still a Master’s student. I started off at the UN as an intern in New York City.

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