For the Winter 2018 Term, the Academic Success Centre is thrilled to be piloting tutoring support for LAW122.  There will be weekly study group sessions for LAW122 in the Study Group Room (TRS 2-048) facilitated by an Academic Peer Helper, who is an upper-year student who has performed well in the course.  Here is their first article for the TRSM Blog, with tips to succeed in LAW122.

Hello, LAW122 students!  I hope you are all enjoying the first few busy weeks of your Winter semester.  My name is Alexandria (I also go by Aster) and I use they/them pronouns. I am in my second year in the School of Accounting and Finance at TRSM and thrilled to be the first LAW122 Academic Peer Helper!

If you would like to come by for extra help, you’re more than welcome to sign up for the weekly study group sessions held at TRS 2-048. You are also welcome to drop into a session if there is space available.

Now that you’re settling into your new schedules, it’s time to start getting serious about your studies.  I’ve prepared some brief study tips to help you survive and thrive throughout your experience with LAW122:

  1. Know the cases taught in class by heart (which means you have to go to class… even that 8am one). There will be some cases that your profs will go through, whether within the chapters or at the end section.  Your profs may even refer to these for the rest of the semester.  This is a HUGE hint; you will likely see these on your mid-term and final exam.
  2. Make notes, and notes of your notes. The textbook is packed with details and terms that will be almost impossible to remember. My recommendation is to map out every chapter with important terms, cases, and topics you find difficult.  This way you can organize the overwhelming amount of content you find in the textbook into manageable, bite-size pieces.
  3. Talk to your prof. I know you hear this all the time, but for a course like LAW122, this piece of advice is more important than ever.  Unlike your other courses, this content may feel very new and unfamiliar.  Furthermore, unlike some of your quantitative courses, you’re not going to have a neat answer key at the back of the textbook.  There are going to be conflicting and confusing answers to many of the cases you see in the book.  In that instance, it’s a great idea to prepare some of your answers to practice cases and discuss them with your prof.
  4. See your Academic Peer Helper (i.e me). I’m here to help.  Whether it’s to clarify a topic, go over practice questions, or get some study tips, you have a tutor for free weekly assistance, so use this opportunity!

This is just a quick overview of some things you can do to excel in LAW122.  I hope you find these tips helpful!

Posted by Alexandria (Aster) La Fontaine

I am a long-time tutor and mentor, with experience helping younger students since I was 11 years old. I have been unofficially supporting peers in academics ever since. The 2018 Winter semester is my first experience tutoring at Ryerson. I am beyond excited to be the first LAW122 Academic Peer Helper and have an official tutoring position where I can support students on a weekly basis.