The Academic Success Centre (ASC) provides resources and support services to help all TRSM students achieve academic success. However, there is a misconception that students only use these services when they are in academic jeopardy or on probation. That is not always the case, however, especially for Luis Yin Liao.

Luis is in his fourth year of the Business Management program studying Global Management. He is a frequent visitor to the ASC and continues to use its supports, despite having a 4.3 GPA.

When Luis first began his post-secondary journey right after high school, he experienced a difficult transition, which greatly affected his academic success.  This led him to take a few years off.

When he returned to school, he had a different mindset inspired by the quote, “You can’t expect to do the same thing and expect different results because that’s the definition of insanity.” Determined to be proactive, he searched online for support and found the ASC.

Luis Yin Liao and Joana Londono at ASC

At the Centre, Luis met with Learning Strategist Joana Londoño, who helped him reach his academic goals by catering the services specifically to him and his needs. The ASC helped him learn how to prepare for class, discover how he studies best, and most importantly, helped him align his thinking with university. He was able to use these learning strategies to his advantage.

Luis also tried other supports offered by the ASC, such as tutoring and tip-sheets, and integrated them into his study habits. For example, he used ASC’s four-month calendar to help him meet deadlines and see the “bigger picture,” and their weekly schedule to help him keep track of how many hours he needs to study per week.

He believes that all students can benefit from using academic resources because everyone needs help transitioning into university. “It is much better to take the initiative and take advantage of what is offered so you can mitigate the transition gap; make sure to do it ahead of time before experiencing an unfortunate outcome,” Luis explains.

In addition, every student has different goals and ideas of academic success. All students can benefit from good habits and strong learning strategies.  It’s all about finding what works for them. Luis strongly believes that every student should be willing to put the effort in and seek support for the help that they need.

Luis’ best advice for TRSM students is to be proactive and to prioritize. “It’s always better to be proactive than reactive,” he says. “If there is something you want to achieve, whatever the goal is, you have to make sacrifices. It’s not so much as what you want, but also what you have to give up, and whether you are willing to. And, if you are already paying for the services in your student fees, use them. They’re free, so take advantage of them!”

Posted by Aimee Guevara

Aimee is a 4th year Marketing Management student. She has worked for the ASC as an Academic Peer Helper and Learning/Transition Support Special Projects Assistant. Aimee enjoys getting to meet and help other TRSM students through her job.