Month: January 2019

Five things to consider when choosing the right program for you

Choosing a university and a program to apply to and completing the application are big steps. But, are you ready for what’s next? If you get accepted to more than one program, how will you decide which path is right...

/ January 17, 2019

TRSM students talk about their International Exchange experience

Take advantage of all the world has to offer by going on exchange!  The Ted Rogers School of Management International Exchange Program provides an opportunity for students to internationalize their studies and develop a greater understanding of the globalization of today’s marketplace. ...

/ January 10, 2019

From Confused to Confident: My TRSM Co-op Story

If you had spoken to me eight years ago, I would have confidently told you that I was going to be a commercial airline pilot. I had it planned out, from what school I was going to attend to the...

/ January 7, 2019