Take advantage of all the world has to offer by going on exchange!  The Ted Rogers School of Management International Exchange Program provides an opportunity for students to internationalize their studies and develop a greater understanding of the globalization of today’s marketplace. 

Students generally study abroad for one semester during their second, third, or fourth year, and return to TRSM to complete their degree. While abroad, they will take a full course load and receive five courses transferred back to their TRSM program upon completion of the semester. 

TRSM has exchange partners around the world, including Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, The Netherlands, Scotland, Spain and many more.  

Here is what a few TRSM students had to say about their International Exchange experience:

Studying abroad was definitely the highlight of my year. I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was because I’m not the type to do spontaneous activities, and this was really out of my comfort zone. I did my exchange in Poland and I’m the first Ryerson student to have studied there. I had never travelled outside of North America prior to this, but all the amazing people I got to meet and places I saw made everything so much better.

The host university will have other exchange students who are in the same situation as you, so you’ll get to meet people from other countries and get a perspective of what their culture is like.  This will make it easy and fun to get social since you’re all in the same boat. You’re not alone in this. I made a lot of new friends and learned a lot.  – Matthew Raykha (Economics and Management Science) – Warsaw School of Economics, Poland

Pursuing the TRSM international exchange last semester was hands down the best decision in my life. I spent a semester in Nice, France at SKEMA business school and it was truly life-changing and eye-opening. I met so many incredible souls that I am proud to call my best friends! I was also able to travel all over Europe and explore hidden gems I didn’t even know existed, follow locals to try the best foods, learn languages, and really appreciate the different cultures. Honestly, there aren’t enough words to describe all the positive emotions I felt when I was in France on my exchange! – Ekaterina Savenko (Law and Business) – SKEMA Business School, French Riviera

Before going on the exchange, I didn’t know what to expect. But now, I know it was one of the best decisions I made. I met some amazing people from around the world on the exchange and also had the opportunity to be on my own. The moment of excitement and thrill when traveling to a new country or city was what I loved. Everyone should take advantage of the study abroad option that TRSM has to offer. – Gavin Tran (Business Technology Management) – Chung Ang University, South Korea

When I went to Edinburgh, Scotland as an international exchange student, I didn’t realize the extent to which it would change my life. I enrolled in classes that I was passionate about, and through this I bonded with my professors and peers. I joined the coffee society, a student run club that included weekly coffee meet-ups for “coffee drinkers and coffee thinkers.” Outside of school, I enrolled in Latin dance classes and volunteered with the homeless.

By taking part in the community and being open to these new experiences, I was able to connect with people who all have different experiences and personal histories from my own. It is through them that I feel as though I have made a difference in my short time there. The freedom of living on my own and starting from scratch in a new country pushed me to truly discover what I wanted in life. It proved challenging in the first month, but as time went on I became more comfortable in this new setting. I truly feel that I have an advantage not only against other job candidates and students, but in life! – Melissa Gemmiti (Entrepreneurship) – Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Posted by Kristy Holzworth

Kristy has been sending TRSM students abroad on exchange to various countries since 2004. Coordinating the TRSM International Exchange Program allows Kristy an opportunity to share her passion of travel and assist participating students in their journey to grow, mature and develop global skills needed for their future.