Laiba Abid: My Co-op Experience at MLSE

Throughout my university experience, the only question I had for myself every day was “how can I make the most of my time here?” I came to the Business Management – Marketing program in hopes of discovering my professional career path, and the Ted Rogers Co-op program was the perfect way to do exactly that. Now in my fifth year, I can attest that joining the Ted Rogers Co-op program was one of my best decisions at Ryerson.

From the minute I noticed that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) offered internships for students, I worked persistently to attain an interview with their Global Partnerships department. As a young Marketing student who worked in corporate relationships for student groups, I was eager to pursue a career in strategic partnerships and learn from the best and brightest in the industry.

This past winter, before the COVID pandemic hit, I successfully landed my dream internship with the Music Partnerships team under the Global Partnerships department. MLSE turned out to be one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences of my career thus far. Everyone in the department was extremely friendly and welcoming, which made the transition much easier.

I went on coffee chats with everyone on my team where they were interested in getting to know me and my goals and asked me how they can help me achieve them. As an Intern, this is the most meaningful thing anyone can offer you. The support I received from everyone at MLSE inspired me to become a Co-op Mentor and assist younger students to pursue their dream jobs and companies.

On the Music Partnerships team, I had the opportunity to work across multiple partner categories, including rideshare, water, grocery, telecommunications, financial banking, loyalty and credit card. Each partnership was unique, and no single day at the office was the same for me. From site visits at Budweiser Stage to pitch meetings with Lyft and Perrier, I felt surrounded by endless opportunities to grow as a marketer. I attended meetings at the Live Nation Canada office in Liberty Village as well.

It was also amazing to see an organization that puts an emphasis on creating a positive company culture by encouraging team building. On one occasion, I did yoga in the Raptors’ training court with my team, and on another occasion, I attended a Games Day at MLSE Launchpad with other Interns.

I applied for the Ted Rogers Co-op program because I wanted to leave university with a competitive advantage and figure out what I wanted my future to look like. Little did I know that it would allow me to make some of my most treasured memories too.