As we enter month six of quarantine, many of us have found creative ways make use of our time at home. For the most introverted among us, we may not have even noticed a discernible difference in our lifestyles to begin with! But no matter your personality type, there’s plenty to do around the house, both on and off the device you’re using to access this article. Here are some things I’ve been occupying my time with. Feel free to add yours in the comments below.

Read Books and Listen to Podcasts

Learning, discovering, and taking in information is now easier than ever with the advent of technology. Podcasts offer a convenient way to stay updated on subjects of interest, and are great for multitasking – while cooking or going for a walk for instance. When we just want some quiet time though, there has seldom been a better time to pick up a book. With the hours saved from commuting, you can finally start crossing off some books from your to-read list. If you run out of material to read, fret not. The library may be closed, but through the online resource Z-Library, you can borrow up to five books per month absolutely free.

Be Creative

It’s never too late in life to pick up a paintbrush, pen a poem or play the piano. As you make your way from the kitchen to the living room, get those creative juices flowing (along with that banana raspberry smoothie you just made). The beauty of creativity is that the tools you use can be part of the process. You don’t need an elaborate art kit or intricate instrument; you can sketch on paper and repurpose household items to make music. If you’re short on inspiration or just a little shy at first, Unity Charity offers free workshops on Zoom and Instagram Live on creative art forms such as poetry, beatboxing and breakdancing.

Meditate and Try Yoga

Full disclosure: my mom is a yoga teacher. I spent half a summer at yoga camp at an ashram in Québec. Sun salutations come naturally to me. Fortunately for you, that’s about all I can do, so you can definitely do it too. You can follow these 10 steps thanks to Yoga Journal, and if you’re ready to step your practice up to the next level, sign up with and download the Do Yoga With Me app for video tutorials and meditations. They’re offering two free months for quarantined individuals. Ryerson’s own ThriveRU also has programs and resources for students to develop resilience and enhance their holistic wellbeing.

Pursue Your Passion Project

We all have dreams, passions that tug away at our souls and lead us to seek out hobbies and entertainment that get us as close to the action as possible. But quarantine is your chance to get off the sidelines and get into the nitty gritty. Whether it’s a fixer-upper, side-hustle or brick-and-mortar business, dust off those drawings you mocked up on a random Thursday night and get cracking! If your knowledge or skills are rusty, perhaps consider taking an online course through Ryerson’s Creative Industries or Entrepreneurship and Strategy programs. Whichever way you choose to express yourself, go big…from home!

Access ASC’s Digital Tutoring

Now your mind, body and spirit are aligned and you’re well on your way to being a master craftsperson. Depending on the course you’re taking to sharpen your skills, the various supports offered by staff here at the Academic Student Success Centre (ASC) can help keep you in the right direction. The ASC website has information on supports offered virtually, including Virtual Study Hall (VSH), Train to Learn (T2L) Workshops, Peer Academic Coaching (PAC), Writing Support appointments, Learning Strategist appointments and more.

Posted by Alborz Mohtashami

Alborz Mohtashami is a fourth year Business Management student, majoring in Entrepreneurship & Strategy. He has worked at the Academic Success Centre since January 2018.