Month: November 2020

Staying Organized in an Online World

You’ve spent years building a productive routine for yourself, and with life happening virtually that entire routine seems thrown off balance. Well, you’re not alone. Many people feel unproductive and disorganized while studying and working virtually. Organization has always been...

/ November 25, 2020
Woman with hands on her face at her laptop

How to Manage Test and Exam Anxiety

Do you ever feel that you forget everything before a test begins because you are so nervous? Do you ever feel physical symptoms such as nausea before taking a test? Do you have intrusive thoughts before writing an exam? If...

/ November 17, 2020

Is Change Necessary for Success?

Entering the 2019 Fall term as a second-year Ted Rogers School student was enough to make me feel reassured of my readiness. I felt confident entering the new semester being an experienced university student. But, the Fall term ended and...

/ November 5, 2020