Resources Every TRSM Student Should Know About

It is no doubt that university life is a challenge for students considering the high expectations set for them. In my first year of university, my only goal was to attend all my lectures and get onto the Dean’s List. Unfortunately, it isn’t the reality of a majority of the students in their first and even senior years. The main reason is the lack of awareness of campus resources. When students do not seek support, they get overwhelmed with the course content and lose out on the amazing university experience.

I am here to tell you that university should not have to be stressful and exhausting. Utilizing campus resources makes the transition to university painless and further supports you in pursuing your passion through numerous programs. The Ted Rogers School of Management offers a wide range of resources to support your academic journey. The following are the six most popular ones you should be aware of:

  1. Academic Success Centre

The Academic Success Centre (ASC) is dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. A team of professionals collaborate to identify the changing academic needs of the students and create a variety of programs to help students succeed in their courses. Some of the programs include tutoring sessions to boost confidence with course-specific material, Peer Academic Coaches appointments to improve learning strategies and managing time and Train to Learn workshops geared towards exam preparation, self-motivation and learning strategies.

2. Student Advising

TRSM Student Advising provides you information on how your particular program is designed. There are academic advisors available for all Business Management majors and Accounting & Finance. Academic advisors can provide you information on:

  • Course calendars, course intentions, course planning
  • Declaring or changing majors
  • Minors and double-major
  • Academic Standing required to achieve the Dean’s List or a minimum GPA to satisfy program requirements
  • Steps to recover from academic probation

3. Business Career Hub

The Business Career Hub (BCH) ensures students are well prepared to thrive in the workplace. Services are tailored to individuals’ needs and different majors. Services include one-on-one appointments, networking events with employers, Bootcamps and career-related events. Students can take advantage of the BCH’s services to build a strong resume and cover letter, enhance interviewing skills, create an impressive LinkedIn profile and gain hands-on experience in popular software applications and platforms such as Excel, Python, Tableau and much more.

4. Tri-Mentoring Program

The Tri-Mentoring Program (TMP) aims to make the university transition easier, provides guidance and encouragement to pursue your goals, and facilitates a sense of belonging. TMP offers three types of mentoring: peer mentoring, career mentoring and group mentoring. Peer mentoring consists of upper year students mentoring first-year students in the same program or those who share similar interests. Career mentoring matches students with industry professionals for guidance and support to accomplish their goals. Group mentoring involves weekly meetings for the equity seeking members of the Ryerson community including 2SLGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous, Filipinx, Latinx, Lusophone/Portuguese speaking, Muslim women, mature students, students with disabilities and women in STEM.

5. AwardSpring

AwardSpring allows students to apply for scholarships and awards throughout the year. Students log into AwardSpring using their Ryerson credentials and prepare a profile that includes the most recent and accurate information. According to the information on the student’s profile, scholarships and awards that match the student’s profile will show up on their dashboard asking for further required information to complete the application. It enables students to apply for the maximum number of scholarships and awards they are eligible for. AwardSpring makes the application process for scholarships and awards super convenient. This year, $20 million in awards and scholarships were administered to more than 20,000 Ryerson students.

6. Mental Health and Wellbeing

Ryerson has created a strong support system for students’ mental health and wellbeing. There are various resources and programs to ensure that students are provided with the right support when they need it. Academic Accommodation Support offers services to students with disabilities by creating an accommodation plan for students to focus on their studies without any barriers. Medical Care includes quality health care services. Students have access to family physicians, psychiatrists and medical trainees. ThriveRU is an initiative taken to teach students about resilience by focusing on gratitude, optimism, self-compassion and grit.

Ryerson has developed numerous programs and taken several initiatives to create an environment conducive to learning. Campus resources have helped me tremendously with personal and professional growth. They have allowed me to have a positive attitude towards learning, engage with the community by joining student groups and the Ryerson Senate Appeal Committee, and simultaneously doing a part-time job. I encourage you to take advantage of all the campus resources as you will enjoy learning and will be inspired to bring your dreams to life.