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Debra Rughoo is a Writing and Content Specialist at the Ted Rogers School of Management.

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Optimizing How We Learn

This Blog Post is written by Emma Young-Buchalter (she/her), 5th year Marketing co-op major with minors in Professional Communication and Sociology, and Milad Moghaddas (he/him), 5th year Entrepreneurship and Strategy major with a minor in Professional Communication, both of whom...

/ March 3, 2021
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Bloom’s Taxonomy and Students’ Study Cycle

This Blog Post is by Geerthan Ranjhan (he/him), a 5th year Business Management co-op student majoring in Human Resources Management and minoring in Law, and Yixuan He (she/her), a 4th year Business Management student, majoring in Global Management Studies and...

/ February 24, 2021

Metacognition: Understanding how we think and learn

This Blog Post was written by Monie Chan (5th year Business Technology Management co-op student, pursuing a minor in eBusiness) and Aidan Dyer (4th year Marketing Management student, pursuing a minor in Finance), both of whom are Peer Academic Coaches...

/ February 10, 2021

Sport Marketing During the Pandemic

Lucy Trepanier, second-year Graphic Communications Management student minoring in Marketing Management, and Hayden Godfrey, third-year Professional Communication student, share their impressions of the virtual MLSE panel discussion they attended for their Sport Marketing (MKT 829) class: For almost any sport...

/ December 18, 2020

Students discuss their experience attending virtual Retail Week

Now in its 13th year, Retail Week is aimed at engaging and connecting Retail Management students at the Ted Rogers School of Management with members of the industry through networking events, competitions, workshops and panel discussions on trends in the...

/ December 16, 2020
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Facilitation: A Tool for Learning

Facilitation is a great way to engage the audience and help them learn skills through ongoing discussion. Third-year Marketing Management student Anisa Sayani and fourth-year Global Management Studies student Saad Khan, who both work as Peer Academic Coaches at the...

/ October 21, 2020

Preparing for Midterms: Making a Study Plan for Reading Week

Making a study plan for exams is really tricky because if you start too early, you may forget the previous part you’ve reviewed. Or, if you think you still have time, you may end up with not being able to...

/ October 13, 2020

Co-op During COVID

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have forced offices to physically close, students in the Ted Rogers Co-op program have still been able to gain valuable work experience with remote work placements at some of Canada’s leading organizations. The Business Career...

/ October 9, 2020

Katherine Tran’s co-op placement at the Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute

The Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute (REI) is a university-wide program, initiated by the Office of the Provost, to motivate students to actively discover new innovations and act on them to create new businesses, non-profit organizations or community programs. The goal is to provide...

/ September 18, 2020

How to Use D2L for Online Learning

Online learning provides the flexibility of accessing material at any time, convenience of working from any location and high level of interaction. Online courses offer the same level of difficulty and require the same amount of effort as in-class courses...

/ August 14, 2020