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Hiba is in her final year of Business Technology Management and has held multiple roles in the TRSM Academic Success Centre. She has previously written for the “This is TRSM” blog, where she enjoys reflecting on her undergraduate experience and sharing it with the TRSM community. She will be graduating in Summer 2019 and is excited to pursue a career in business analytics.

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

Networking. It’s one of the few words in the English dictionary that sends shivers down the spines of many students. For business students, it’s a term we can’t avoid and is something we eventually have to do in order to...

/ April 5, 2019

The Journey to Mindfulness

“Be present.” It’s something we hear a lot, but what does it really mean? In a world full of instant gratification and hyper-connectivity on a global scale, one can’t help but question if we, as a society, have lost touch...

/ November 1, 2018
Students studying at TRSM

How to Make the Most of the Last 2 Weeks of School

It is the last two weeks of school. With midterms behind you, you need to keep up with your courses as well as make time for lengthy projects and more. Here are a few tips I have used throughout my...

/ November 21, 2017