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Irena is a graduating award-winning retail management student with over 10 years of experience in culturally diverse retail environments. She is an outcome focused, discipline driven person, who is very passionate about Supply Chain and Corporate Social Responsibility. Believing that traveling is the best teacher, Irena has set her eyes on making her way to every single corner of the world as part of her personal and professional development.

Experiential Learning: To China and Back in 14 Days

Have you ever been so fascinated by the beauty of your surroundings, that you feel like you are having a dream you never want to wake up from? I have…for entire 14 days… in ancient, yet modern; conservative, yet liberating;...

/ February 20, 2015

From Top 200 at Ted Rogers School of Management to #1 Anywhere

Ryerson University is home to over 70 student groups, 30 of which are part of Ted Rogers School of Management, from strictly business-oriented, and through lifestyle focused to numerous social groups. You name it; we have it! Some of the...

/ October 30, 2014