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Jane Tsekhovaya is in her final year at Ryerson, studying Economics and Management Science with Minors in Finance and French (graduating in Spring 2021). She has worked with the Academic Success Centre since 2017.

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Introducing the “Teach Yourself How to Learn” Weekly Series

It is a challenging time to be a student with university expectations set very high. As undergraduate students, we are expected to learn and utilize a lot of information from different courses. Yet, we weren’t taught how to learn. Some...

/ February 2, 2021
Group Talking

Ryerson Opportunities: How Can You Get Involved?

Ryerson has a lot to offer. I am sure you all have heard that before. But do you actually know what that means? I did not understand this concept in my first year. I was overwhelmed by the new environment...

/ March 29, 2018