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Sneha Deokie is a Career Consultant with the TRSM Business Career Hub. She has professional experience within the world of education and human resources, and is passionate about helping youth transition into their career paths. Sneha is also a proud Ryerson Alumna, where she completed her BComm at TRSM, and recently completed her Certificate in Human Resources Management through the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education. When Sneha is not at work, she enjoys dancing, cooking and binge-watching shows on Netflix. Follow Sneha on Twitter: @SnehaDeokie

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Use Social Media to Find a Job

General Social Media Advice Make sure your social media accounts (all of them!) are professional, employer-friendly, and clean – essentially, present your best self! Your real name goes a long way. Avoid using nicknames/slang, or names that make it difficult...

/ March 10, 2017
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A Guide to In-Person Job Interviews

In-person interviews come in many shapes and sizes, from the classic one-on-one to the increasingly common group interview. Each in-person interview requires you to show off your skills as a prospective employee, but you may want to prepare a bit...

/ March 1, 2017

What to Do When Your Job Interview Isn’t In Person

So you’ve landed a job interview with a great company – awesome! But then you learn you won’t actually be required to go into the office and that the employer would like to talk to you by phone or video....

/ February 3, 2017
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How to Deal with Unanswerable Interview Questions

In my last blog post, I shared five tough questions you might hear at your next job interview. We went over some solid strategies for answering these questions and I hope you’re now feeling a bit more prepared to take...

/ September 26, 2016

How to Answer Five Tough Interview Questions

Have you ever been really stumped by a job interview question? Have you ever felt like your interview went downhill because you weren’t able to answer a certain question? You’re not alone. At the TRSM Business Career Hub, we hear...

/ September 21, 2016