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James Pringle

#ThisIsTRSM: Critical Thinking for Health Professionals

With a clinical background in chiropractic and experience working in strategic policy for the Ministry of Health, Dr. James Pringle definitely brings real-world experience into the classroom. But the professor of Health Services Management says it’s not just his own...

/ December 17, 2015
Sameh Al Natour

#ThisIsTRSM: Research at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Dr. Sameh Al Natour’s research into the ways humans interact with technology may sound futuristic, but it’s rooted in services that many of us already use every day. “The technology exists but our research is still before its time,” he...

/ December 10, 2015
Image of Frederic Dimanche

#ThisIsTRSM: A Young, Urban University on the Move

Dr. Frederic Dimanche is the new Director of the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (TRSHTM). Born in France, he has lived and worked in Oregon, New Orleans, and, most recently, the French Riviera, but says he was...

/ November 23, 2015
Professor Thomas Schneider

#ThisIsTRSM: Where Accounting and Social Responsibility Meet

Dr. Thomas Schneider is a Professor of Accounting at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University, but his academic focus goes way beyond traditional theory. With 12 years of professional experience in management accounting, Dr. Schneider brings real-world...

/ November 11, 2015
Mark Lee

#ThisIsTRSM: Retail Innovation in the Heart of Downtown Toronto

Dr. Mark Lee can’t imagine a better place to study retail management than in the heart of one of Canada’s busiest shopping hubs. “Our location is one of our biggest advantages. Students can go to the Eaton Centre and do...

/ November 3, 2015
Fathima Saleem

#ThisIsTRSM: Ensuring Creativity in the Classroom

If you take MKT 100 or MKT 300 and expect Dr. Fathima Saleem to simply stand behind a podium and read from a PowerPoint presentation, you may be in for a surprise. The Assistant Professor of Marketing likes to knock...

/ October 23, 2015

A Meeting of the Minds on CSR at Ryerson University: The Nexus between Public and Private Interests

Over this week, Ryerson University in Toronto hosted the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainable Development: 3rd International Symposium. Dr. Lez Rayman-Bacchus, a Visiting Research Fellow at Winchester University and Dr. Phil Walsh of the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) at...

/ June 16, 2015

Entrepreneurs and Clean Energy: A Perfect Pairing

Key role for universities in effecting environmental change, says TRSM professor In a Canada that is beginning to realize the value of renewable, clean energy, Ryerson University has a critical role to play, says Deborah de Lange, a professor of...

/ June 5, 2015

In Canada’s Year of Sport, Ryerson Builds Stronger Sports Roster with Industry MVP’s & Rogers

My year began the same way many of my fellow Canadians’ did- glued to my TV screen following Canada’s best under-20 hockey players in their pursuit of gold at the IIHF World Junior Championships. Their triumphant tournament kicked off what...

/ April 22, 2015

Expert Corner: The Benefits of a Sustainable Supply Chain

How can greening a supply chain can help Canadian retailers gain competitive advantage?  With the green movement gaining momentum, it is time for retailers to redesign their supply chain with the environment in mind.

/ March 6, 2015